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31.12.16 01:12:20 pm
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WARNING! - This is alpha version, the script, servertransfer.lst and map is not ready to play together yet -

To see project thread: http://www.unrealsoftware.de/forum_posts.php?post=407901&l#jl

> Overview
Rufs Gang is dead, you are the only one who can revive it, start from zero, defeat other gang servants or gang bosses, gain experience, be the hero.

> Current Features
• Join song (GTA: SA theme song)
• Client commands.
• USGN save system.
• Wanted system.
• Money, gold, reputation, level system.
• Improved health.
• NPCs.
• Trading (talk to NPCs)
• Discounts for trading.
• Walking civilians.
• Scared civilians (if someone hurt em')
• Strong civilians (attacks someone who attack em')
• Kill other gang servants or other gang bosses.
• Distraction (flying plane, helicopters, etc)
• In- game time.
• Daily and weekly reward.
• Achievements.
• Body parts shows when player is killed by other player.

> Coming Features
• Driving civilians.
• Missions.
• Player attributes.
• A server modification logo.

> Known Glitches
• Misplaced helicopter's rotor.

illegal Rules illegal
You are allowed to attach or plug into your own script.
You are allowed to play it on your own server.
You are allowed to share it with my permission.
You are allowed to edit the configuration only.
You are allowed to edit all with my permission.
You are not allowed to claim it as yourself.
Please tag me if you attach this in your own script.

off-topic Installation off-topic
First step : Download this script.
Second step : Extract .zip file into your CS2D file.
Last step : Play with sv_luaserver

Note: this archive not include servertransfer.lst, so make it yourself.

P.S.: This file archive will be edited much times.
P.P.S.: If you don't understand, sorry for my English.
P.P.P.S.: If you found any bugs, please report it to me with comment in this file archive, any reports is my pleasure.
ok This file has been reviewed and approved by Yates (01.01.17 05:59:06 pm)


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11.01.17 10:38:53 pm
like I like it!
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Good! I install on my server!
10.01.17 01:00:10 pm
like I like it!
Angel Montez
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Thanks you like Good luck!
03.01.17 05:23:39 pm
like I like it!
Oh my god! I like it!
31.12.16 06:38:45 pm
like I like it!
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Lots of bugs, but looks good, nice work
here my servertransfer
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