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14.10.19 03:48:47 pm
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Hey DC, long time no see
Been catching up with Stranded 3 dev blog and stumbled across this one. Reminded me I was implementing something of that sort back in my Stranded modding days. Here's a little preview, excuse the horrible audio and video quality

That's all, just wanted to check it, keep up the great work and best of luck with all you're up to
New version of "Kidnap mod" I'm sorry to everyone who asked me for permission to use my stuff by PMs, I hadn't been online for a long time. Anyone can use it without permission
14.10.19 08:30:19 pm
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@user HudaJan: Hey, that's pretty cool! Thanks for sharing! I didn't know about it!
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15.10.19 12:39:10 am
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Huh, for some reason I missed the update from last month...

The "beach_gradient_gone_wrong" certainly looks interesting, almost like terraces or dunes along the beach.
I implemented something similar to this for a university project years ago where I calculated the steepness of each terrain point towards the surrounding points and applied different ground textures at different strengths depending on the angle (and height layer) to add some accents (additionally to the base gradient which blends between layers).
So maybe this "mistake" could be turned into a feature?

The screenshot from the Unity editor is also interesting since it shows a bit of your setup. One thing I notice with this is that the selected chunk GameObject (so presumably all others as well?) does not have a Collider attached. Is this just because you haven't added one yet? Or are there other reasons, like maybe performance problems due to the amount of Meshes you create?
Or are you by chance planning to add a custom physics system? Replacing the MeshRenderer system with a custom one which which uses a single flat quad Mesh and draws it repeatedly via Graphics.DrawMesh (or one of the other variants) is rather simple. All that's needed then is a shader to do a bit of vertex displacement (additionally to the color and texture interpolation) and the (visible part of the) terrain will be created on the GPU. And enabling GPU Instancing then allows for massive performance boosts.
The part which may be a bit tricky would be collision detection and handling. But if you got that working it would allow bypassing the entire process of creating GameObjects for all those chunks, saving lots of overhead of creating, managing and deleting them, as well as baking the Meshes.
15.10.19 06:01:37 am
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thanks for sharing @user HudaJan: i remember watching that a few years ago.

Honestly with that concept in mind, it would be rather awesome to see animated faces (other than blinking eyes and what not) while voice chat is active, the mouth widens based on audio volume, widest when maxed

just a thought, but it'd be a nice polish.
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