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20.11.13 05:57:12 pm
Sachariah PJ Muteka
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I have been playing carnage conquest for a while now but its so boring because the AI are by far the worst AI on earth? How do you enhance their gameplay?
Its gonna be Epic- wait for it... Dary. No wait, how do I do it again. G*#, I really hate this Quinn girl... #HowIMetYourMother
20.11.13 06:10:17 pm
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You can download new AIs from here:
20.11.13 06:10:54 pm
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You script a better AI. Simple.
Not really. You'll just have to wait until DC decides that he wants to work on Carnage Contest and upgrade AI.
As far as I know, I think I saw in forums that he plans to make Carnage Contest Update after he finishes dealing with Stranded 3, so you'll just have to hope that he'll update AI too. But I'm not completely sure.
20.11.13 06:32:35 pm
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Making an AI for Carnage Contest which is actually challenging is a REALLY difficult task. I didn't even try it yet. The current implementation consist of random movements and shooting in random directions. In other words: The current standard AI doesn't even try to kill you! Most of its turns end in suicides or friendly fire. So it's really no wonder that you think it's boring

There are some custom AI scripts which make the AI use some weapons correctly but this AI is still no challenge unless you are very new to the game. Problem: The AI doesn't really know how to use the terrain to its own advantage which is crucial to be good in Carnage Contest.

Carnage Contest is (and will always be) a multiplayer game in first instance. You should clearly try to play it with/against friends instead of "fighting" vs. a poor AI. It will be SO much better.
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