English 2D pro League #2 with prizemoney

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News about the cup : pcs project news source by Cosmo

After some discussions about what next 5v5 tournament should be, it was decided to move on with second edition of the 2Dpro League.

The tournament, which stood quite successful on the first edition, promises a full 2-3 months of competitive matches to determine who has the guts to withstand months of matches, without doing mistakes or... closing the clan.

2DPL's offering.

As you may know, 2Dpro League is a league system tournament, a risky cup for a small community such as it is CS2D nowadays. With less and less players attending official and competitive tournaments, the question is whether is possible or not to accomplish such a big project. In fact though, same discussions were done for the first version, but (most) of the teams showed great professionalism and in the end the tournament went successful, with |Storm_PL| being (once again) the winners of the competition, and Mighty with |uNknowN|* filling the podium.

Who will be able to win this one? Again Storm, with the stable and hardcore performances? Or will a new team claim the throne of the best team?

Well it's a bit or less unknown for now, but what we know is that Defect added a juicy rewarding (as he stated below:)

"Being known for its first, the second season will bring a new aspect of competitiveness into the arena- a cash prize."

Yea that's right ! For the first time ever there will be prices for the participants in a CS2D cup !

It's not known yet how the system will work about cash rewards, but if it's true then it's a possible boost of confidence and motivation for the participants.

So don't lose time, grab your rusty (and inactive) team, get going and participate to 2DPL v2 !

More information can be found on the 2DPL site:


Check the website and see the prize money . Bring your team and be ready for nice clan wars.
Also pcs are support this kind of cups to bring new teams/players to competitive scene.
"Nothing to fear and nothing to doubt."
24.05.14 09:54:07 am
destroyer ita
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Nice news also i would like to see new players in the competitive scene
i love italy
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