English Gangster City Project [v0.84]

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09.12.16 11:08:53 am
Prototype x20
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> Info
Author: user Prototype x20
Version: Alpha 0.84
Download: N/A

New screenshots [30 December 2016 - Body parts ]
Spoiler >

> Overview
Rufs Gang is dead, you are the only one who can revive it, start from zero, defeat other gang servants or gang bosses, gain experience, be the hero.

> Current Features
• Join song (GTA: SA theme song)
• Client commands.
• USGN save system.
• Wanted system.
• Money, gold, reputation, level system.
• Improved health.
• NPCs.
• Trading (talk to NPCs)
• Discounts for trading.
• Walking civilians.
• Scared civilians (if someone hurt em')
• Strong civilians (attacks someone who attack em')
• Kill other gang servants or other gang bosses.
• Distraction (flying plane, helicopters, etc)
• In- game time.
• Daily and weekly reward.
• Achievements.
• Body parts shows when player is killed by other player.

> Coming Features
• Driving civilians.
• Missions.
• Player attributes.
• A server modification logo.

> Known Glitches
• Misplaced helicopter's rotor.
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09.12.16 11:16:32 am
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Strange shit, do you even have something basic or atleast begin of your project?
I don't believe in that project. But gl anyway
/Also: have you finished that?
09.12.16 11:25:07 am
Prototype x20
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user Mora_rus has written:
do you even have something basic or atleast begin of your project
This is the beginning, what you're expect from me? I am not a professional, searching help is not strange shit.

I am working on Zombie Brutality too.

Since I have some test, I cannot play CS2D, but I will update it asap.
09.12.16 12:58:30 pm
Super User
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You didn't even report us what the actual mod that is. We need some informations. You always do that, in your files, in your threads, fckng everywhere. Contrariwise, you telling to people what they don't need. Waiting help without yet giving knowledge about core of the mod wouldn't be much good idea. In its current status, I can only get this is a mod like has been added only hp hudtxt, levels, experiences, special money and a map that compressed some shitty big NPC sprites in it.
17.12.16 08:26:32 am
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× Your fonts is bad tho. i mean, did you already deleting Default CS2D Fonts named "arial" with your Custom Fonts?. also rename it to "arial" too.
29.12.16 04:38:50 pm
Super User
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Wow, a lot of new ideas. Very nice. Is there any possibility to test it or at least any video? Because you also know, these features actually can't create excitement without any application.

By the way, I agree user -Last-. Really bad font, change it as soon as posibble.

Good luck.
29.12.16 11:13:49 pm
Prototype x20
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Thanks, my connection is bad therefore I cannot even upload big videos.

About fonts, if you thinks is bad, I'll change it.
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