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31.12.17 10:17:57 am
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I have a artillery gun that fires all the time with 2 delay triggers looping each other (delay1 trigger delay2 and delay2 trigger delay1).

How do I end this with another trigger ? I created a breakable invisible wall on a tile where that artillery is so when its broken artillery image disappears but firing does not stop because those 2 delays still looping
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31.12.17 05:18:04 pm
You cant end it, but there is one trick you can make. Basicaly it would involve walls, some npc and explosion. I can make small test map to show you because its rather complicated to explain
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31.12.17 06:08:51 pm
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You can code a lua that does that every X seconds/ms100/ms20 when state is true. When you want to break the cycle, you set the state to false.
Problem solved.
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