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17.05.18 09:02:36 pm
Hello guys, today I will tell you my problem about Profile Pic error.
So, I changed my USGN profile pic and steam profile pic but previous profile pic it's still there and it doesn't change.
What should I do to solve that?

Steam profile pic : http://prntscr.com/jj7p58
USGN profile pic : http://prntscr.com/jj7pfj

Thanks. √
hha got em
17.05.18 09:07:18 pm
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I changed the caching in CS2D to be super aggressive because avatar downloading is so slow and leads to FPS drops for many users. Therefore avatars are not updated once downloaded.

You can manually remove the folder sys/cache/avatars/usgn (relative to your cs2d folder) to enforce a refresh of all USGN avatars. Or you could also go inside that folder and only remove the .cache and .jpg file with your user ID.
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18.05.18 08:14:10 am
Thanks DC.
hha got em
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