English Fullscreen causes CS2D to crash.

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Hello guys, i have this problem i play cs2d with the Run in window option disabled, so i play fullscreen, everytime i press alt+tab to check another thing cs2d closes, saying an error: Exception_Access_Violation is the message that appears to me more often, i just wanted to know if this is my fault, or it has something to do with my pc, or is just a cs2d error.

Thanks for reading.
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13.06.18 02:42:58 pm
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Have you ever tried to post it in thread cs2d CS2D Bug Reports?
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13.06.18 07:22:57 pm
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No, not necessary to report it in the bug thread again. It's a known problem.

There are a few things you can try to fix it:
• Update your video card drivers & run Windows update (if you're using Windows)
• Use OpenGL or DirectX (the one you're not currently using - switching is only possible on Windows)
• If you know that you tab out a lot you can also play in Windowed mode and increase the resolution so the Window basically covers your whole screen
• VSync might also make a difference (not sure about that one, user SQ adeed it and worked on it and changed how all the resolution/fullscreen/window stuff works)
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