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Server name: Competitive Match-Making
Server IP:

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13.06.18 07:24:14 pm
Talented Doge
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We definitely need a dedicated thread for advertising servers: thread cs2d !!! No Server Advertisement !!!
13.06.18 07:29:05 pm
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@user Talented Doge: What user Quattro posted about is not just an ordinary server but a very interesting project which deserves as much attention as possible considering how many people asked for competitive again and again.

Making posts for ordinary servers however is quite pointless as there is a server list anyway which is so freaking comfortable and powerful that a dumb forum thread can't compete with it. Therefore I don't agree. We don't need a thread for advertising servers.
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13.06.18 11:15:02 pm
I am sorry that this looks like advertisement but I need some players to test it out. Since it is USGN dependent I can not debug it alone ( I already did gazillion of test 1v1 games but it's not enough )
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