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13.10.18 03:24:33 am
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@user Ranw-X: stop it, really.
13.10.18 09:23:57 am
MattheW 23
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user DC has written:
What's the point of this thread? Do you want to declare the death of CS2D? We have exactly the same topic every few weeks/months. For years already. It doesn't help. If you like the game play and support it. If you don't like it anymore just stop playing. Simple thing

Also a small correction of what you summarized: I personally never tried to make a "competitive" mode on my own. I never played competitive in Counter-Strike. This is why I don't even know what such a mode would look like and that's also why I would not be able to implement such a mode in a good way.

user SQ worked on a competitive mode alone(?). As far as I know he reached out to the community for some support but didn't get that support which demotivated him so much that he dropped the competitive mode.

BUT both of these facts are not relevant because the ACTUAL DIFFICULTY for all that competitive stuff is not the implementation. The real problem is to keep it running. You need servers and you need to observe and moderate them 24/7 because otherwise cheaters and script kiddies will instantly ruin that vague dream of a "competitive mode". This is a thing which is simply not realistic (for an entirely free hobby project game without paid staff like CS2D) and therefore most certainly won't ever happen.

So even with a working competitive mode implementation we still wouldn't have a working competitive mode.

Oh and the game is called CS2D.

user Ranw-X just read whole thread
13.10.18 11:10:08 am
Hot Snow Raymond
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user mrc has written:
The only dead thing is the PCS Project community.
yeah, your right , www.cs2d.net can't use now
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