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07.10.19 07:36:01 pm
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You have been creating the Strandde 3 game for so long and rarely posting information. Maybe you will keep a video blog? Wash it will be interesting.
For example, you will draw and talk about your plans, talk about the philosophy of the emergence of the world = D (ps The truth is there is a plus in the fact that you write in text - I can translate everything into Google))).
By the way, I have ideas - introduce into the game the evolution of organisms (with an optimal and interesting mutation speed for gamers, which can be changed in the game settings) and an illusory boundless world (well, like a snake from Tetris: it enters the boundary of the world and leaves another boundary, in fact, it’s like in the Portal game, only the portals will not be visible and they will be huge over the entire border of the map). Yes, I know, I'm crazy = D
You can also embed an automatic market economy in the game, which will adjust prices without the participation of the administration, in accordance with the relevance and rarity of products (but, of course, this is if the game has a game on the Internet).
But if you create a game "on the Internet", be sure to register the participants, with teams, with the protection of their regions, with bans, otherwise you will get a mess like in Minecraft - it is impossible to play on the Internet without the bukkit plugin. Mojang absolutely do not think about the players!))
Well yes, I'm crazy, what can you do? You just need to listen and laugh in silence.
I communicate through google.translate, so tell me more clearly, without errors (and ask what I incomprehensibly wrote).
07.10.19 09:25:29 pm
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I'm not really a camera guy so I would be really uncomfortable with that situation. I can imagine that people would be interested in such a format but I don't want to do it. I only noticed yesterday though that I uploaded my last video a very long time ago. I know however that people really like videos. Therefore I'll at least try to upload more stuff on YouTube in future!

Regarding your ideas: Sorry, these concepts do not really fit into my vision of what the game should be like...
I mean evolution for instance sounds cool in theory but it is way too complex and wouldn't be noticed by most players in practice so it's not worth putting a lot of effort into it.

The snake-wall-portal thing would be easy to script though if you really want it. It makes no sense for me to put it in the game though as it would be a weird and unexpected behavior for players.

Market economy does not fit very well either. Stranded III is not an MMORPG. Also there is no currency in the game at all. All trading will be like "give item x and receive item y". Moreover I don't want to give people the opportunity to ruin trading for others by doing weird things (that's definitely what would happen with such a system).
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14.10.19 04:19:15 am
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I am completely satisfied with your answers
I will add that:
1) No need to force yourself to record a video, otherwise it will affect your work. Aalthough, if you played it for 10 minutes, it would be very cool And then only one gif ...
2) Yes, everything is complicated with evolution, you need to experimentally select the parameters and speeds and as a result everything will turn out to be the same (and terrible ugly monsters will appear))). But you can make the animals look the same (in terms of their species), but they will all consist of hidden parameters that parents will pass on to their descendants (but their appearance can be slightly corrected). Variable parameters can also be introduced into the behavior of animals (but this is more complicated, of course, and is not necessary))).
3) Yes, the endless world of a tetris snake is very unusual in a 3d game =D You can even do it so that even visually the world continues (as in Portal). I have no idea how it will look, you can make and shoot on video = D for fun
(and leave this function in the game settings as a checkmark))).
Although it can be done that when you reach the border, you are redirected to another card, but if there is no maps, the snake border from Tetris is included (but if the modification creator adds a card at that snake border, the snake border will move further). This way a person can never get stuck on the border of the map, the world will be conditionally round, and besides, the size of the world will not be limited, provided that the modification creator adds more maps to the border of maps))).
4) I see I just thought that the game itself would be able to automatically determine how many items x should be given to get the item y (but the formulas for the economy should be smart, and not so that the game would be impassable, in which case it is certainly better to introduce a fixed price)).
5) Well, at the expense of the Internet game (if there is one), I read it and it seems Google translated it incomprehensibly. In Minecraft, the developers came up with some kind of dialyzed world in which all players will live in peace and joy and not violate other people's rights and not violate the boundaries of property. And what did it lead to? To the grippers! And then the modders had to come up with a bukkit plugin with commands, with private territories, with protection of chests and doors, with commands for registering and entering a password via chat ... In fact, the vanilla server is not viable because the developers did not think about the consequences.
6) By the way, you can prepare a game for modification creator from the very beginning, making it easier for them to create a plot, create their own items and craft recipes, translate into other languages ​​with the ability to choose their own font (for non-Latin languages). You don’t have to intentionally do everything for modders (this is too complicated), but you can just at least partially not complicate the possibility of changing the game.
7) By the way, the recipe book in Minecraft is my idea (sinful) =D I was unhappy that players had to climb third-party sites (wikis) in order to recall recipes. I hope if you have a new type of craft, then you won’t have to look for it in Google))) But if as in the old version of the game, then it’s fine (though it is so cumbersome).
8 ) You do not need a plot? =B
I think you can arrange a competition of plots, and you select the best and combine them))
9) I love flying devices, it would be cool if you added something to complete the plot (I don’t even know what can be built on the island, maybe a balloon?))). Well, or you can add it as an easter egg)
10) Are resources being restored on the island? In the previous version, if I'm not mistaken, the trees were destroyed forever (in my opinion, if there is no natural opportunity for restoration, then this is bad).
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I communicate through google.translate, so tell me more clearly, without errors (and ask what I incomprehensibly wrote).
15.10.19 06:04:03 am
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To be fair, you wouldnt need to show your face as you recorded, you would hardly need to speak with voice, though that would be preferable to text

i am in any case looking forward to seeing gameplay preview once you get to that point.
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