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22.08.08 04:27:33 pm
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!~How Bout new game?~!
I call.. GARRY'S MOD 2D! Yeap.
That would be awesome for 2d. People would build:

Furniture would be:
-Game Consoles

I wish us would do one.
Unreal Software staff. if you read this and do the game
you would get:
-More People to play your games
-Top10 games list (( i thnk so))

So people, Start Shouting for one
Dont hit Kids, Really they have guns now.
22.08.08 05:11:51 pm
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Sorry but I don't accept any game ideas because I don't even have enough time to realize my own ideas.

futhermore I'm never going to make a 2d clone of a 3d game again. sorry

just play cs2d in construction mode!
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