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24.08.08 07:20:34 pm
DC i think your cs2d games are great and stuff but ya know why dont u make like rainbow six 2d and make it look simaliar to cs2d. after u review this its most likely to get closed.

P.S:DC u should like be a lil softer on the ppl who want new games they want u to create. ya know most of em are like 13-
so be a lil easyer they want u to make more games which means,THEY LIKE THE GAMES U MAKE!!
so stop closing there ideas if i was u i would take there plans for the game and help.
24.08.08 07:24:12 pm
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DC said he is not going to make any other 2D clones...
If you are looking forward to this, why not get the old cs2d's source code and start making a mod,Rainbow six, eh?
Leiche has written:
Closing stupid threads like real men do.
24.08.08 07:27:30 pm
lenz good i dea.........NOT!

if i do that i have make website for me, new logos ,weapons ,colors ,make my own company *-*
24.08.08 07:29:48 pm
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errrm lol. Sorry mate but this thread is exactly a request for a clone game. What's your age ;)?
DC has written:
I don't even have birthday and writing a title in capital letters is stupid. closed.
This was wrote in mrlightcorn's thread "Happy birthday, DC!". So that means that DC does not have a birthday?
24.08.08 07:34:29 pm
dude ur a stupid mofo who is a toddler. DC should make a clone becuse there are lots of fans

im 18
24.08.08 07:46:31 pm
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awwww... stop flaming. thread closed.

as I already stated: I'm NOT going to make ANY 2D clones of 3D games in future. no way. It just makes no fun to do the same thing all the time. furthermore it is not very creative. just stupid and lame.

please understand that. there will be no other 2d clone of a 3d game by Unreal Software. never ever.
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