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English DannyDeth interview by AnonymousSh0t

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old Poll DannyDeth interview by AnonymousSh0t

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Hello all! I am back with another interview! Today i shall show you the interview of DannyDeth by me!

Now it is also time for upcoming interviews and updates!

∗TKD(The Killed Death)

∗Updates:The Hunter162 interiew has been ×cancelled due to lack of a good response in the questions and lack of detail. All interviews will now be attached with a reminder to do good responses as seen on the DannyDeth interview.

Hope you enjoy.

Q.Is Danny your real name? Or just a game name?

A. Well, actually "Danny" Would be a shortened version of my real name, Daniel. 'DannyDeth' came from being called 'DannyDeaf' at school because when I got into doing my work I would not respond to anyone calling my name/passing notes/etc. You can here the similarity if you say it. Well, atleast I can

Q.How did you find CS2D on the internet?

A. Well, kinda. I bought a magazine called PCFormat quite a few year ago which had Stranded 2 on it, I played it and visited the UnrealSoftware website to find out more and found the other games.

Q.If you could be DC and change CS2D what would you change?

A. A lot of things, but I would definitely remove the RPG from the Super Supply, such a mission to combat a whole horde of noobs with RPG's in Con servers

Q.What is your opinion on the "Ultr4Killer threat"? Do you think it could possibly happen again?

A. I still lmfao whenever I think about how this kid could think he would actually be able to hack UnrealSoftware using HTML
But yeah, I highly doubt he would caryy on ( he sent me emails trying to tell me to apologize to DC 'cause he failed and didn't want to be banned, etc, etc )

Q.What are you interested at in CS2D?

A. Ofcourse, I play it quite a bit ( especially AWP server now-a-days, starting to love this weapon, very good with it ). I also like occasionally making maps as a time-killer, hence why I post only a few maps.

Q.Do you think you are a excellent mapper or an average mapper or perhaps dreadful mapper?

A. Judging by some feedback I would call myself a below-average mapper, I don't know what others think though.

Q.Who is your favourite skinner in the CS2D scene?

A. I don't like to use custom skins, I prefer to stick with the original. However I do admire the work some guys put into their skins, and I must say that I have always liked The Camo and Zeroarcanus' skins.

Q.If you could be my assistant in interviewing what would you say?

A. Yes, but only if I could format the posts

Q.Could you tell us a little story about your life?

A. Well I grew up in a medium-sized house in Fish Hoek, Cape Town, South Africa. I was born a gifted ( yeah right, psh. Been hell the whole way ) child, which enabled me to go through school at a considerably faster rate than most people, however it also gave me the very annoying disorder 'Sensory Intergration.' I was quite a nerd at school until I reached about 15, when I decided that life was no point if you didn't have fun. So I turned into this random computer-rebel-hacker thing. I still have an addiction for Marrilyn Manson ( at the time he was THE SHIT to me, still kinda is ). After about 2 years of rebel I gave up and settled onto my computer permanently ( where I still am now ), and began playing games, programming ( i did so before but I was much better now ), etc. Now I'm studying Ethical Hacking in the University of Pretoria ( 2nd final year, horray! ), and living in a tiny rez-type room thing ( about 13m2, yep, very small ) with way too much spare time to just study, so I play CS2D in excessive amounts

Thank you for the interview DannyDeth.
Interviewed by AnonymousSh0t

For anyone looking for the reminder i now include into interview requests,

"(Stay away from these answers: "nah......i hate zeroarcanus"
be near these answers: "i live in Panama South America with my 3 brothers and a sister.we live in a large house in the suburbs")"
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old Re: DannyDeth interview by AnonymousSh0t

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Q.If you could be DC and change CS2D what would you change?

A. A lot of things, but I would definitely remove the RPG from the Super Supply, such a mission to combat a whole horde of noobs with RPG's in Con servers

yeah, i hate that too.

so, a really nice interview.

old Re: DannyDeth interview by AnonymousSh0t

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i wonder where is he taking names to interview.
i also think he tried to interview DC, and i know what kind of words DC will say because he dont like it xd

old Re: DannyDeth interview by AnonymousSh0t

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Well, the next interview is on Unknown_Soldier ( correcting his grammar took longer than I thought it would ), and I have spent some time designing a format, hope you guys like it

old Re: DannyDeth interview by AnonymousSh0t

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Refresh has written
AnonymousSh0t has written

oh, please... Refresh go back and enjoy your gay porno. And leave me alone. You just jelous.
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