English Weiwen/Tibia Glitch

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Who knows about this glitch?
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I know about it
66.67% (4)
I abuse it
16.67% (1)
I dont know what it is...
0.00% (0)
What glitch?
16.67% (1)
6 votes cast
19.08.11 10:54:41 am
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This is a poll on how many people know/abuse the glitch in the tibia/weiwen maps and mods....

do not read if you do not want to know the glitch
Spoiler >

@DC i put multiple warnings in because many servers WILL ban/kick you for it and i'm making sure they want to take the risk, this is not meant in an annoying way, (though it may be)
19.08.11 11:27:10 am
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Post these glitches in weiwen's cs2dtibia thread or send he private message.
19.08.11 11:49:12 am
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yeah this is pointless.
especially the poll and the clearly exaggerated use of spoiler tags. 1 would have been enough.

please do what buraxia3 said.
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