English How Famous is Unreal Software?

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12.09.13 12:26:02 pm
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user Thug Life has written:
In Romania, 10% of population know and play cs2d, 5% of these 10% have accounts on unrealsoftware.de. The rest of population (in proportion of 90 %) play cs 1.6, gta, metin, minecraft and don't know about cs2d/unrealsoftware.de .

There are probably less than 10 000 romanians who play cs2d. There are only 67 registered users who specified Romania as their country.

They usually play commercial video games, the concept of indie game is not widely known in Romania.
DC has written:
I don't even have birthday and writing a title in capital letters is stupid. closed.
This was wrote in mrlightcorn's thread "Happy birthday, DC!". So that means that DC does not have a birthday?
12.09.13 12:49:51 pm
Thug Life
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@user Silent_Control: The population with age between 7-18 years old. Is right, no?
@user oxytamine: Look in PM, plz
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12.09.13 01:03:21 pm
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user _Yank has written:
user Dynamite07 has written:
user kkkkkkk has written:
here in morocco most cs2d players who i know have coincidentally found it whilst they were searching for cs1.6 in google

Yh me too xd, when i was a noob i searched for "Counter Strike 1.6" to download and then i found CS2D. I dont know how is possible kids today like a 2D game =s they only want graphics.
Yea, when i tell my friends about the game and its feature they say "Wow, looks pretty awesome". But after they see that is 2d topshooter.... I tried to convince them by showing the trailer. Fail. The unic way that i found to convince them is showing my gameplay in super hero, lazer and tibia.
Here in lisbon is rare to see someone that knows cs2d. I never saw one.

In lisbon mabye you know 3 guys LOL.
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