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24.08.15 09:33:24 am
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Hello us faggots,

I don't fucking tolerate some moderators here because of trolling and asshole behaves (abuse of powers).

And I - user 0a - I'm retard , sorry Gajos and all but I'm gay.

I wanna give You some nice Tibias for CS2D:

I really wanna be demoted because Gajos is celebrity here and have a lot of fans, no meme.

Ok, don't fucking troll here because I don't fucking care KURWA, don't you? I will spam here if will I get bored .

Don't forget to add dis guy (skype): adrian_gajos

Admin/mod comment:

Sorry but we do not tolerate such things like hacks! Include this behavior too! /ZxC rules §5.1 - Show good behavior and simply don't be a stupid asshole
24.08.15 09:39:25 am
Talented Doge
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You mustn't be serious Gajos. It's dumb when you mentioned yourself and want to be like Zero. You knew it will never work right? Saying such dumb things is why almost every moderator wants to fuck you right away. Spam? Okay just do it.

Oh, Dr.Trojan? That guy flooded FWS servers? How dumb. You may continue distributing cheat tools as always. user DC's decision to let you survive is wrong actually.

By the way the summer holiday is going to end soon, is your homework done?
Talented Doge
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