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Hi there,
i just was thinking is it possible to give us (users who want to develop cs2d) more access to build more and more new things (including new weapons, new NPCs, new buildings ....) just by using lua. i mean new commands, new hooks and all new stuff to allow us to help cs2d community to get better. i'm sure we can develop the game faster and better if you let us help you user DC: .
i wonder if its possible or even if you are planning to do this.
for instance when a player face the wall
few things i'd like to have access to :
1. change teams name (like COD)
2. change players skin
3. get and set player's angle (maybe getting could be done with lua)
4. controllable turrets
5. change camera position
6. of course new weapons (what can a player want more than this)

all i mean is to let developers access more and more. it would make cs2d unstoppable

wishing luck for cs2d team.
here we go !
01.08.18 11:18:49 pm
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That would be great but I believe that it has been asked before and there are reasons against.

1. Could be.
2. Can be done with lua already, it's not perfect, but works.
3. Getting an angle is possible, setting is not. It would require changing crosshair position, what doesn't make much sense.
4. There's a script for that already. Also: not perfect, but works.
5. Could be but I don't know if it's really needed.
thread cs2d Ideas for CS2D - READ THE FIRST POST (OP)! has written:

• More weapons

And I am not trying to be mean. There are many reasons why certain things are not going to be added or why it won't happen soon if at all. Just read the mentioned thread.
Trust me, I'm an engineer | user DC approved file cs2d Super extra mod for CS2D (64), yeah!
03.08.18 10:09:54 am
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Right now it's not planned to add any of these features soon. I finally focus on Stranded III development again and therefore I don't plan to make a major update for CS2D this year.

1 and 2 should be easy to add.

For 3 I don't even understand why people want to set the angle. It clashes with the user input and does not really work. You can already GET the angle though: cs2d lua cmd player(id, 'rot')

I already considered 4 but it would be some more work.

5 should also be quite easy to do.

6 (custom weapons) is very unlikely and when I do it it would be quite simple like only new custom regular firearms with custom skins, sounds and values. No special behavior. This is because for more complex custom weapons we would need client-sided Lua scripting which will definitely not happen.
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12.08.18 03:49:08 pm
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client-sided Lua scripting which will definitely not happen.

But how about a Image Frame Tween, which changes frames client-sided?
for example
then the frames will be changed clientsided from fromframe to toframe repetitive with a speed frames/second and x times.
This would make animations less demanding for the latency.

To get the imagepos while image is in a tween would also good to see
12.08.18 06:01:06 pm
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@user Edik: There already is a frame tween: cs2d lua cmd tween_frame it does only have one frame parameter though so it will play till the given frame is reached.

Getting the (estimated) position during a tween from a client can be calculated manually with very simple math. The only "problem" would be that you would have to save the start and end position and the start time and duration yourself so you can calculate.
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12.08.18 06:36:44 pm
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Would it be possible, maybe in the future like having custom weapon skins, some player skin changes, like head, gloves, etc.. Like CSGO, you would just need steam and get the stuff from the steam workshop, or i don't know (obviously the file has to be reviewed and accepted by moderators first).. it would be cool, and even a custom sound or music when you end the round as PVP..
q miras capo
12.08.18 07:08:45 pm
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oh, ok. I saw that, but i tough it is for changing 1 Frame in a given time. But it would be better to make it repeat the tween automaticly given times or unlimited times.

Yes thats true, it can be calculated extern, but it would be more practical if it would be possible to get the exact position.
Also it would be nice to make more with sounds, like moving sound around or make it louder or to make it only for a specific PlayerID

I tried the tween_frame but it crashes the server with an "EXEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION" Error-window.
so it doesnt even work.
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