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14.06.19 12:44:43 am
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Hey guys,

I have had a server online for quite some time now.
But would love to actually see how much usage it has.
The console doesn't give me much info at all as who is online at a time.

I seen there is a open game panel,
That hasn't been updated in ages and the installer fails to properly work.

The server is running on windows 10 64bit.

Pretty much looking for something to properly change settings,
And see what people are up to etc.

If possible a option to setup multiple servers.
15.07.19 01:37:20 am
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Well sadly there is no webinterface that could controlls your servers proprely.
Available free servers managers are bugged and couldn't help alot so the solution is buying one.
This is a free one if you're interrested in a buggy one
#Discord CS2D Rework - https://discord.gg/pbhdVdj
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