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English thoughts on the game

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old thoughts on the game

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game is really good.

perhaps batch processing? like click once to make however many arrows you have resources for or whatever thing you are trying to do that is repetitive?

perhaps rucksack toggle open close?

why does the window blink in and out when you eat and other things like that?

I wish the skills were not tiered. If i want to build a big storage first or a butterfly garden why shouldn't I be able to?

It would be really great if there were different kinds of trees that gave different resources, like a tree with vines on it gives ONLY the vines, and another leaves, and another bark. Same with rocks, but maybe different. you get only stones, but can use the hammer on them to break them into pebbles. Either that or hae a menu to select what resource you are trying for and that is only what you get.

needs more skills that go up and make work easier. like stonework.

iT's nice to have a lot of different items, but they need better uses. just having 20 different things you can eat is nice, but it wold be great if they had other uses too, or something.

we need to be able to transplant berry bushes and grapevines at least. how about those kiwi bird nests too? it would be great to be able to move them where you want. Likewise, i'd like to be able to capture snails and put them all in one place. call me weird.

need to be able to turn off disasters like locusts and fire. they seem ridiculous to me, but we should have that choice, I think.

The vicious animal attacks from monkeys are near impossible to deal with. There's no easy way to switch to weapons, especially when you didn't expect to be attacked. shark nearly got me too, but i managed to run out of the water. then you bleed WAY too fast. we need to be able to turn that off too.

there are patches of flowers that prevent planting and I found no way to get rid of them to create a garden or rows of plants. surely there should be a way.

we should be able to actually dig down and terraform the island. dirt dug up piles up beside the hole and can be moved to make specific terrain looks. I'd love to be able to tunnel in under the mountains or hills to make a shelter.

I'd really LOVE this game if the islands were accessible after you leave one. like being on the same map or be able to travel back and forth between them on a boat or raft. perhaps an overall overhead map where you choose which island to go back to? This means you could have a base and operate from there instead of having to redo everything every time you get to another island.

why do monkeys only scamper around on the ground? They never go into trees. odd

old Re: thoughts on the game

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Thank you very much for your feedback, user Greengo.
Stranded II isn't under active development anymore and won't be improved by Unreal Software. The engine itself is too old which already leads to compatibility issues with many modern systems.

I will consider your suggestions for Stranded III.

Some comments on your feedback (sorry that I didn't comment everything but I agree with nearly everything you said):

• Rucksack toggle: You can open it with C (can be changed in settings). Nearly all menus - including the rucksack - can be closed with Space. Not exactly toggling but nearly the same thing.

• Window closing when eating: That's to show the eating progress bar and also to show you the environment because the game continues during this process and enemies might get closer in that time.

• regarding attacks / no way to switch weapons fast: You can assign weapons to your numeric keys in the Rucksack and switch to them using the keys. You can also use the mouse wheel to switch between assigned weapons.

• Monkeys not climbing trees: That would have been too complicated to implement and animate but yes, I totally agree that they should do that

old ideas.

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oh wow. thanks for replying.
i realized you can't transplant cotton either. cotton or cords need more things you can do with them too, like make sacks or backpacks perhaps? sacks could be small storage while you build larger,permanent ones, perhaps.

I'm of the opinion I'd rather see an older type game with more functions than a new one with astounding graphics that doesn't DO much. while i am fairly sure you intend to make it do more as well, my old (OLD!) computer likely can't handle huge graphics demands. i have one of the first quad cores. lol. graphics card is pretty limited too.

the other thing about the game, while it does what it intends really well, is what do you do once you have berries planted that can sustain you indefinitely? you can do some other things just to up skills, but basically, your survival is ensured with a food supply.
there's no real need or drive to do anything else.

what about after you reach a certain level of sufficiency, other people land on your island and you have to care for them? idk if that's really a good idea or not, but it's something else to do.

When I started on the first island in the adventure scenario, I planted a huge forest off to the left towards where the pirate shows up. I love manipulating the environment, developing it.

again, thanks for listening.

EDIT: It'd be great if you could incorporate a lot of mods into the original game, and have all the things it added for the regular game, and add the new adventures in a list under the main adventure.

Would like to be able to build lookout towers like i've seen in some mods. (Archipelago), and those boardwalks and piers, too. I am not interested in a fighting game, I just wanna build and develop the land.
the archie mod ( as I call it) has bamboo huts and houses! that's cool, but little use for them in the adventure anyway.

I also got around to noticing that you can't upgrade arrows. like you have regular arrows of wood with no stone tips, but you can't take the wood arrows and add stone tips. that wold be cool.

batch building would be nice, where you click on the resource you want to build with and it just takes all it needs automatically up to the required amount needed to build what you are building. building with pebbles takes FOREVER. lol

EDIT2: I realized the 2.5 version has the better build menu. GREAT! love it. now if it just had crates, barrels and fires as containers... I also saw a video for a mod where you could build modular buildings with rooms and stuff inside. it was great. OH, I liked in the survivalist mod that you could know how much health a thing had that you were hitting, in case you didn't want to destroy it. I have accidentally killed off resources that way.
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