English so is last time CS2D update?

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09.09.20 08:30:03 am
The Dark Shadow
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@user SQ: Completely wasting time, No offense but nobody gonna play it. If you were rebuilding CS2D with some new updates in Unity, It would be much better rather than doing what you're doing currently. I can guarantee you.
09.09.20 02:43:56 pm
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@user The Dark Shadow: It is CS2D with new updates in Unity. I'm not sure you know what I am doing. Just focusing on mobile build, it works across all platforms.
09.09.20 03:34:37 pm
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user SQ has written:
For now I will only maintain existing features. The game is already over the top for BlitzMax game.
I've already invested a lot of time into mobile version. Priority would be to reach public version of it at least. Until October I've no free time.

Agree totally and we also talk about a free game.

I am not saying, I am against updates for CS2D, and I totally agree also on both sides in some ways. Many of us and hopefully all don't want to let CS2D being dead, CS2D is a childhood for for some people, so it's respectable and understandable that they don't want it, but it's not as easy as it looks.

People thinks this is like childplay, nah. Lot of debugging and work to even make a simple clone on Unity. Plus Even though it looks like a small game, for one man it's a TONs of work and don't forget about other hobbies, life too.

No wonder DC and SQ can't afford time for this.
They already proven how nice they are how much they did for us.
As for DC making a team also not an easy job, I wouldn't trust much people there for that. Many of us are kids here and they barely know anything about programming. Even if they do, it doesn't guarantee that they will not give up on it, which is why DC also don't want to bother with it.

But you can see most people don't even care to play it. Most people who knew it became an adult. Things in tech world changed a lot, you expect more and more, different ways. As much as I hate to even consider saying this, but CS2D will die eventually.

It's been a hell of a road, but I am also a happy how things turned around. Much respect for everyone who was even involved making the game or content here. I could list almost a hundred name with it. Even people that I never liked, but I admit, they did a hella good job. I never liked too much commnity how much I love UnrealSoftware, even if there was too much kids in the end.
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09.09.20 09:17:20 pm
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noone wants major updates, ppl just want a

- working hitreg, which isnt like playing poker
- grenades exploding actually there where they are appearing on screen

But since we want that since 2017 it will never work probably
10.09.20 12:24:33 pm
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user somebie has written:
you'r partly right sir, as you already mentioned making a game open-source perhaps reveals new bugs and some may abuse them, but on the other hand, bugs will be detected by community (programmers i mean) and the game will be balanced and safe at some point (2 faces of a coin)

This is the right answer.
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