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10.03.21 12:14:25 pm
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user Ahmad has written:
user Xirot has written:
The funny part is when I've made many servers online, I always used to kick someone so I can join the server that I've created cuz they were full all the time.

I'm so proud to say that i never did this i always waited for someone to leave, i was an admin in NoPain HT with kratos and Lil

Those were the days
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The most fond memory of CS2D were the months playing on the only (and first?) Zombie Construction server: "GP"
It was hosted by some guy on his PC and the sever oftentimes became laggy when it was full (all the time) and the owner did something on the internet...
Here's the map list I randomly found:

• zm_con_cbble
• zm_con_defendhome
• zm_con_defendhome_v2
• zm_con_dust
• zm_con_gp_panic_v2
• zm_con_inferno
• zm_con_notime
• zm_snowball

The maps were nothing of quality, quite bad actually. The fun of this server was a surprisingly balanced gameplay: Turrets barely did enough damage to defend yourself, upgrading was hard and despensers gave little money. It actually felt intense.
The gameplay consisted of barricading down one particular spot on the map with the whole CT team. Of course the bad players werethe reason it was hard to win as CT: someone's not repairing/upgrading, someone accidentally hits a 80% upgraded turret, resetting the progress. Zombies had gut bombs and if used tactically could reset the progress too.
Bots were there but absolutely dumb (default bots).

And yet, strangely, it was fun. As endless fun as I remember in Warcraft 3 custom games. Mindless, but fun.

Here's the config, recreated based on memory in May 2011 >
01.04.21 06:53:43 pm
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user AlexGuy has written:
I first started playing April 11th. 2014 without a USGN account before beta 1.2.4 came out. I remember playing on a lot of nostalgic servers, and i had favorited over 200-400 different servers if i remember correctly.

I made quite a few friends, 6 of them, 3 of whom i regained contact with on Steam.

My favorite servers were [!]~Minecraft~[!] (2014-2015), Happy Town (2014-2015), RPG Tibia (2014), Citylife RP (2014-2016), Construction servers, Jail servers including [IFwSI] Jail (2014-2016), [IFwSI] Escape (2014), and also those multigame servers including [#Apple] Multigame (2014). I also remember when the VIP craze was still going on, good times.

Holy shit... You have a similar story to mine. We both like minecraft, tibia, and FwsI escape, and also multigames? I never saw anyone say that but I like that aswell. Sadly, I have lost communication with all my friends so I can't add them. High five, brother.
So I remember there being a zombie server where there was powerups and even classes, the owner of the server was <<Neo>>, no one probably knows him, but it goes like this. The server had powerups which you could put on as a human, for example: Freeze and burn, which if you shot your gun you could freeze a zombie. To me, this looked like magic because at the time there was nothing this unique at the time. 2014-2015. I also vividly remember there being a team deathmatch server, where it would always host the same map. It was a deathrun server. The first stage would be to break boxes, and the screen would shake when you broke something. The second stage would be to destroy turrets and get to the other stage. Now the server is dead and is not being hosted anymore, which sure, the server wasn't that great, but it's depressing to see a server just die in front of my eyes. The zombie server is also dead, if you for some reason were wondering. I started playing in 2014 (no USGN), and registered somewhere in 2016. A friend made this account for me. Now I could tell even more stories, but I don't want to bloat this post with my pretty boring stories.
That was my story.
Why did u revive the game again?
03.04.21 04:03:08 am
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oh i miss to play with spanish community clans in ugly custom clan map with madness combat sprites and an ugly music on loop..

also that time i made a cop n robbers server with a stolen map and a stolen script and ppl actually enjoyed it for some time

oh and playing escape del virus k, so classic :')
user Waldin (2014) has written:
can be create 3D option for tiles on 3D
user DC (2014) has written:
@user Waldin: This is a 2D game. there are no 3D tiles.
changelog (2017) has written:
ADDED Experimental 3D rendering mode
03.04.21 10:10:11 am
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user kostasm321 has written:
Been a member for quite some time. Let's share our nostalgic memories during our playtime in CS2D

I'll go first

- I remember playing these "horror" maps on CS2D, I always avoided them but I used to play with friends so I was feeling "safe" Those jumpscares tho sh*tting your pants lol

I remember playing half life on CS2D, it was a map where it was just hl but you could also roleplay. I remember making maps and making friends long time ago, but that account is likely to be lost in space.
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