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Account Security

18.03.17 02:34:04 pm

I saw some account hijacking going on recently and I even saw that there's a Google forms page which simply asks for your Unreal Software account data (which is of course a very primitive way to steal your data). Therefore I want to remind you, that you should be careful with your account credentials.

• If someone asks you for your password it's ALWAYS fraud.
Nobody from Unreal Software will ever ask you for your password. Never tell anyone your account password! No matter who asks.

• Websites asking for your password are fraud!
You will NEVER EVER have to enter your account password at any website other than http://www.unrealsoftware.de
Please always check the address bar before entering your account credentials and only do so if you're 100% sure that you are currently at the official unrealsoftware.de website.

• Apps asking for your password are fraud!
No app will ever ask for your password. Only exceptions are the following two games by Unreal Software:
> Counter-Strike 2D
> Carnage Contest
If you want to use these games, please always use the official download links provided by Unreal Software. Do not enter your password in any other app.

Thank you for your attention!