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Happy Birthday CS2D @ Steam

15.11.18 01:04:25 pm
One year ago CS2D has been released on Steam!
Let's celebrate this with some numbers! Hooray!

Some numbers
• We rolled out 2 full updates and several patches since Steam release
• nearly 1 MLLION free CS2D liceneses have been granted on Steam (991,840)
• 862,870 people downloaded and started (recorded play time) CS2D on Steam
• 4,931 people reviewed/commented the game on Steam
• 89% of these reviews are positive (leading to a "very positive" rating)
• Max peak simultaneous Steam players: 1,440 (Nov 18, first Saturday after release)
• Simultaneous players on Steam last 2 weeks: min 10, max 109

CS2D does not have any internal tracking so I don't know the overall download numbers.
Given that it has several 100k downloads on various download pages (e.g. >500k on Chip.de alone) we can safely assume that the game has been downloaded (and most likely also played) by MILLIONS (plural!) over its lifetime.
This is a great success and I'm happy and very grateful that you - players, fans, supporters, developers, map creators, skin creators etc. - made all this possible!

Update planned
I'm also glad to announce that there will be another CS2D update soon. user SQ and I are trying to do it this month but we can't promise anything.