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My maps that i've been working on (these aren't all of them) please do note that there are only 2 right now but i will make more to add to it anyway the first Mappack is only a starter pack soon there will be a booster pack (3-8 more) and then another Mappack with at least 5-10 maps. Anyone willing to help make maps gets a cookie and will be credited (send me the maps when you finish please ) I have now added pics sorry for none before but i had things to deal with there are no pics for esc_city (picture a long map with buildings, and a truck at the far east side) Please rate and tell me what you think! (Play the maps before rating!!)


9/6/11 - ∗News∗ come on guys without more mappers these mappacks will never be done and i plan to make at least 10
3/6/11 - ∗Hint!∗ when mappack 2 is completed 3-6 NEW achievements will be added! even i can't wait till it's done (now im going to play half-life) Peace
3/6/11 - ∗Chat∗ Heys guys Ninja_Assassin here have you found any achievements? if you have Don't forget to post the name, and how many points you earned from it have fun looking for them!
3/6/11 - ∗News∗ if you want your maps to be featured in the next mappack just message me the map and i will add it and you will be credited AND you will get to choose a theme for the 3rd mappack! so just message me if your interested
3/6/11 - ∗News∗ sorry guys i have been ill and i haven't had time to work on appartment
27/5/11 - ∗News∗ cs_appartment is being changed to con_appartment hopefully it works out better
27/5/11 - ∗NEWS!!∗ 2Fast4You has joined the team and will be making maps for you
24/5/11 - ∗News∗ next map in the mappack - cs_apartment
24/5/11 - ∗Tip!∗ in esc_city go around the truck to get in the driver seat then knife the passenger seat below you to finish
24/5/11 - ∗News∗ started Mappack 2, release date [27/5/11] or [28/5/11] (not sure)
24/5/11 - ∗Added∗ screenshots (sorry for the wait)
??/5/11 - ∗Added∗ Mappack 1



So far there are 4 (3 in de_mountain 1 in esc_city)

More >

∗Easter Eggs∗

in de_mountain there are 2 easter eggs, can you find them?

Note: if you find the eastereggs to easy pm me and ill make them harder in MP 2

Please rate and tell me what you think and any ideas will be nice (you'll be credited )

esc_ = Escape, a NEW (might already exist, if so i will edit) type of map where you have to get to the escape point before time runs out (in esc_city it's a truck)

you can:
use them on your server
upload to other websites (ASK first)
edit them (Again ASK first)

you won't:
say they're yours
edit or upload WITHOUT permission

Mappack 1 (Starter Pack) Contains:



Mappack 2 needs more maps and im getting worse at making them every day so i need Helpers! if you are interested message me (as it says in the news :D) join the cause, join the list, join me in my plan for world domina- i mean, world wide ratings! (you will be credited, if i take over the wor- i mean if you send me your maps or make maps for the mappack)

Peace out, Ninja_Assassin
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23.05.11 04:07:33 pm
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eh ı dont lıke thıs maps --'
23.05.11 02:10:28 pm
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i was a bit busy soz but i will upload pics asap
23.05.11 01:17:39 pm
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please make a screenshot
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