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13.01.17 03:43:10 am
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Do you have any idea why I'm going to 8 fps and if there is any way to fix it?
13.01.17 12:18:36 pm
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Hey guys I finally managed to create an account, didn't get the email when registering with a gmail address (?).
Anyways, just wanted to say I absolutely LOVE the mod, thanks for all the work you did! I played Stranded II many years ago and played the Massive Mod as well. Just wanted to check in whether there are still people playing this game and discovered this wonderful thread!

Two things I would like to discuss:

1. Is there a wiki for the mod or is it too early in the development state for that and things are getting changed around constantly? I find myself frequently searching through the history of this thread to figure out certain game mechanics, it would be super cool to just put all that information into a wiki! I mean it is part of the game and its difficulty to figure out stuff on your own, but with a wiki everyone would still have the choice on whether too look up stuff or not.

2. Is there anyone making let's plays of this mod? I just found a recent let's play of the original game, which is not that fun to watch. I would really like to see how people manage to beat the game at higher difficulties and I think the mod gives enough entertainment and long term goals/ content (season etc.) to make a good let's play I am watching a Youtuber called Kage848 for other survival games I play (the channel is pretty much dedicated to survival games and he tries out new ones quite often). Maybe if enough people are interested and post in the comments he will consider picking this one up too!

Keep up the good work and thanks again for everything you do!


PS: It would be nice to add a recipe for creating an iron hammer with another iron hammer. Currently one can only use a stone hammer to create an iron hammer which is mildly annoying (but intentional?)
13.01.17 02:01:41 pm
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Hello, thanks for stopping by. I can not say for sure why your fps is low. You may need to lower the settings under GRAPHICS. One that really slows things down is the WATER DETAIL keep that slider all the way to the left.

next would be to lower the VIEW DISTANCE 1-2 notches. I usually upload the updates with settings set but you should change the RESOLUTION to match your monitor.

If you check your system settings in Control Panel/System/Advanced Settings, you may be able to set the radial button to BEST PERFORMANCE instead of BEST VISUAL EFFECTS, this can help put more processing power into games you play.

Hey thanks for the feedback! Glad your liking the mod!
I do not know of a wiki, but while ingame if you go to the DIARY you can "tick" the buttons at the top to view all the CRAFTING and OPERATIONS of most all combinations/mechanics.

Alternatively you can open the DIARY.TXT file in the main folder and print it out...it also has the crafting and operations. (right click n open it with Notepad, then print it)

There has been a few let's plays but they are over 2 years old and much has changed since then. The mod will/should be done by April this year. (3-4 months) I will check out Kage848' channel and maybe leave em a comment thanks!

√I will make it so you can use any hammer to make another hammer, good call! Thanks for the input! Fixed (complete) (see to-do list on page 1)

I got some new map markers to work. There is only 4 possible in s2 and the red dot being 1, is the player. So that leaves 3 more I could make into markers. Also the red dot no longer reads "Location" when you hover it...it now reads "Me" (shorter, less intrusive).

So now when ever you mark the map with charcoal using the combo, OR double tapping "M", you get the menu to choose a marker first, upon choosing you will get the normal window to add your text as usual.


When you hover the markers you will still see your entered text as usual, I just didn't get that in the screen shot.


New Body Temperature Display/System

We now have a body temperature displayed on the hud. Will be seen as the BT:

Normal body temp is 98.6 F as shown in the middle. Things we do will effect your temp...moving, walking, running, swimming, fire, frostbite, wetness. As the temp moves up it turns yellow, then red, then you will become OVER HEATED. The Opposite for your temp going below 98.6F...yellow to red then HYPOTHERMIA.


Your BT will fluctuate in real time. When you get the red text your for a high temp your THIRST bar increases slowly. If you get SLIGHTLY HEATED you begin to lose blood health, at OVER HEATED you lose blood and exhaustion faster. The opposite for HYPOTHERMIA...when the temp turns red your HUNGER bar begins to increase slowly, SLIGHTLY HYPOTHREMIC your blood bar begins to decrease slowly. At HYPOTHERMIA your blood and exhaustion depletes faster.

If your hot you can stand still to bring it down slowly, get in the water to bring it down fast, get in the rain to get "wet" to bring it down moderately...etc

If your cold you can walk to bring it up slowly, run or stand near fire to bring it up fast, or use your Wooden House or Greenhouse to bring it up moderately...etc

In order of effect on the BT per 2 seconds:

standing still -0.01 or +0.01 (depending on your temp being high or low)
walking +0.01
wet -0.01
wounded/fractured +0.02
storm/monsoon -0.02
frostbite -0.03
Running +0.04
Fire +0.05
In Water-Swimming -0.04 (plus being wet -0.01)
In Water-Not Swimming -0.05 (plus being wet -0.01)

BT effects per hour:

Season Summer +0.02 (.01 easy mode)
Season Winter -0.02 (.01 easy mode)
Frostbite -0.05
Greenhouse +0.04
Fire +0.05
Wood House +0.03

Drinks effective at 99F and ABOVE:
Bottle Water -0.5
Hand Drinks -0.5
Bottle Juices -0.3
Bottle Milks -0.2
Vines -0.2
Leaves -0.1

Drinks effective at 98F and BELOW:
Bottle Alcohol +0.2 to +0.5 (poor - excellent)
Cup Hot Coffee +0.6

Everything will be factored and totaled before the BT is adjusted every 2 seconds and each hour tick. So you might be wet, running, and have a wound...and your temperature will rise or fall accordingly/appropriately. The hourly jades will also contribute to your having to monitor your BT.

I will also be adding INFECTION (during wounds) and FEVER (from neglected infection and poisonings) this will also bring a need for a couple of medicines and more use for beds etc. I will add a couple of ways to curve/cure both these aliments. Certainly a couple of combos' and using a few more plants or bushes to collect medicinals.

Outside Temperature now coincides with seasons. The warmer extremes of summer the higher the jade on THIRST & EXHAUSTION...the lower extremes of winter will effect HUNGER and EXHAUSTION

A typical spring day you can see the temperature rise during the day and drop during the night. This will be randomized, having minimum and maximum constraints depending on the season.

These outside temperatures will also influence your body temperature...on a hot summer day at 102 F degrees your BT will rise faster than on a cold winter day at 10 F degrees, where it will decrease faster.

edit; p.s. I have changed the text above from "OVER HEATED" to "HEAT STROKE" in regards to your Body Temperature.
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17.01.17 10:16:26 am
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Hey JasJack67, the new body temperature system looks pretty cool! I've been playing the mod quite a bit lately and found two bugs that affect gameplay rather seriously:

1. Multiple fishing rods are all used at once:
When casting my fishing rod, the game will cast every fishing rod I have in the game (yes even the ones that are not in my inventory but in my boat or my storage). I tested this for up to 3 fishing rods. At the end, a hook is used up for every rod and I get the success or failure message for each of them. This makes fishing a very worthwhile activity I wonder that nobody else has encountered this bug yet (?). I can do further testing and give a more detailed bug description if needed

2. A minor bug: when filling up a bottle from a bucket, the water is already boiled. Since every other water source in the game (or at least the ones I know so far) give normal water which then has to be boiled at the campfire so I assume it is unintentional.

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Hi DerbenOo,

1) Hey that is pretty crazy nobody found that bug until now. Nice Find! Enjoy the exploit while you can...√I have fixed this script to prevent that problem now.(fixed)

2) The bucket-of-water collects "clean" rain water, as it says when you drink from it with your empty hands. The idea that you do not need to boil that water because it is not dirty water, made me change it. So yeah, you get boiled water because you do not need to boil it.

Even though you did not actually boil it, boiled water simply represents "potable" clean drinking water. Other non-boiled water can randomly make you sick from bacteria.

thank you so much for your reports/feed back!

Infection and Fever plus 2 new Medicinal Items: Goldenseal Root Antibiotics and Lemongrass Fever Reducer.
We can now plant Citronella, Goldenseal, and Lemongrass using the cropstake.

Follow the pink arrow. Actual random scenario of a typical fracture getting infected,then causing a fever because I did not have antibiotics. At fever stage I take Lemongrass Fever Reducer to bring my BT down below 102F.

At this time below 102F The fever is treated, but I still have the infection to treat before my fracture will start healing like normally. So I take Goldenseal Root Antibiotics to get rid of infection, and my fracture begins to heal again.

This scenario took place from early evening around 6pm into the night, until early morning around 7am.

Using the beds during the "healing" of wounds/fractures will practically eliminate the chance you can get an infection. Waiting 12 hours for a fracture to heal without beds will result in an approximate 25% chance you get an infection.

edit:DerBenOo...I retract that fishing pole exploit fix about taking the pole apart when you drop it. That was my being lazy fix...I have fixed it properly now and you can drop fishing poles at will normally...but the casting bug is fixed. Thanks!
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