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22.06.17 11:04:38 pm
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For more experience, you should pay attention to source code, functional and principles embedded in various bots of 3d shooters - such as bots for cs 1.6 (like Podbot, nicebot, zbot, swatbot, realbot) or similar in other different games.

Moreover, to humanize bots it is required to add some human character traits and habits.
For example, here are a number of typically human habits,
- Look about in direction where you are moving,
- reload even ammo has more than 20 rounds
- stupid rush (even when player knows that enemies are waiting around corner) and panic if there are several opponents nearby
- forgetfulness to use grenades during round or their meaningless using at end of round (and even shooting last clip)
- constant switching between types of weapons
- throws grenades into area with allies
- shooting during movement (like run and shoot with awp and with using optical sight)
- running with a knife to opponent who is distracted or does not see player
- running in a dense crowd along narrow corridors
- using typical tactics (or cycle-actions)
- running with a grenade or a mine in hands
- rare switching to pistols

It also makes sense to add human characteristics that can affect at gameplay such as aggressiveness, greed for frags, greed for getting trophies, susceptibility to panic and fear, calmness, team feeling (understanding of allies' actions), teamwork (understanding order of personal actions in each situation), camper habits (habit of using certain places on map), habitual shooting distances, etc.

So you can use text files to save some waypoints and some team info for every analyzed map, i mean you can try to add analyze function to search areas for camping, defence, attack, for special actions. And it can be improved with addition of information about default view angle, about good weapon type for that map area, prefered method of typical distribution of team players in occupation of this sector of map, about "danger" of this sector and so on.
23.06.17 04:57:11 am
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@user Pagyra: Well they're 3D games which is totally different on the calculations, but I'll look into it, maybe there're some things that I could take. And as I said, there're CS2D limitations regarding on weapon proficiency, especially with getting ammo values. So I couldn't do anything about it, unless I need to hack it, which is I don't want to because some critical factors. Also all your suggestions is really too map-specific, could take a lot of time and it couldn't be generalized for all maps (if you know what I mean). But if this is something that I could make money with, I'd do it though.

Okay, repository is up! You can check it out here. There're some minor features that I added but I can't remember what they are.
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