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11.11.17 07:04:50 am
Hello Guys,
How r u,

Guys, i need some help and i hope u can helped me.

Let Talk about my Problem,

Guys i'm making map,and as you know when add Info_T or info_CT so its near are Buy_Zone(As You know).

But i want to remove my buy zone near Info_T and Info_CT.

and add Buy_Zone a Specific Place for buy(When i want Not near InfoT and CT )(So far for this place).

So what i can do.?
Maybe IF can help for that.

So tell me what i can?
FRiendly boYy.
11.11.17 10:32:07 am
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i do not think its impossible,unless DC would make a separate INFO and call it Info_Buyzone or something.
11.11.17 11:55:30 am
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Not possible with editor only.

It might be partially possible with a little dirty "hack":
• Just place an info_t / info_ct where you want the buyzone to be
• Write a clever Lua script which detects when a player gets spawned on these points and move them to another position then
• Write another script which disallows buying on normal spawnpoints

You would still see the little shopping cart symbol at the normal spawns though. So it's not a very good solution.

I don't see a better way. It's not planned to make it possible to disable buying for specific spawns or to introduce a new buy zone entity. Sorry.

btw: "Map Issue :D" is a horribly bad and generic title which says nothing about your actual problem. Fixed that for you.
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11.11.17 12:48:41 pm
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You can code your own buyzone script and place them manually on spawn through entities.
11.11.17 05:31:30 pm
Ok Still thanks,
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FRiendly boYy.
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