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17.11.17 04:05:26 pm
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After CS2D has been become popular on Steam, I just decided to spend more time for CS2D mod developing. My previous projects (Metin2D, Minecraft 2D) are almost made, they just need some adjustments.

About modification
The modification will be similar to the Squad, Battlefield, PUBG and E-sim games. I want to make a game, where every player from every country will be able to let his country grow in power. The map will contains sectors/bases which players will conquer to get better things and be bigger at the world map. Also country's presidents will be able to to sign an alliances, non-aggression pacts and declare wars with other countries.

Game mechanics
I want to add possibility to build walls, barricades, barbed wires, turrents, and more custom buildings such as ammo/gun/money dispensers. Also every character class (Assault, Support, Engineer and Recon) will throw special boxes depending on the character class. Also I want to add vehicles such as cars and turrets.

What do I need
I want to gather a group of people who will help me in making this modification. The more people, the more willing to work. I'm looking for graphic designers, scripters and ordinary people. Also I need to finish my CS2D Framework before I start working.

I just want to get some people before I start this project, to get better start. Please don't go off-topic with false theses that I never finish my projects. I just made them.

Discord: Gaios#9324 <
Skype: adrian_gajos
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29.03.18 11:55:48 am
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I'm available to test the server.
29.03.18 01:53:17 pm
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Sign me up, I'll add you on discord.
P.S. - I've been extracting recently enviromental sound files from other games, if anyone is interested in them for adding them to their maps, scripts, PM me
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