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157487KeemstarBANNED29.12.16 12:44:56 pm3 Years agoUS - United States
157661KhaledMaherBANNED10.01.17 07:44:41 pm3 Years ago-
157709KadirrzHDBANNED13.01.17 03:53:52 pm--
158475KadircanTRBANNED17.02.17 04:42:18 pm--
158674KadircanzzBANNED04.03.17 02:30:06 pm3 Years ago-
158689KeNoX46BANNED05.03.17 05:49:55 pm--
159149klawuBANNED07.04.17 03:23:24 pm3 Years agoRO - Romania
160105ktlwtfBANNED06.06.17 06:57:51 pm2 Years ago-
160144komeilBANNED08.06.17 10:23:17 am2 Years ago-
160518King of JusticeBANNED21.06.17 12:23:41 pm2 Years agoPK - Pakistan
947KoRnCOMMUNITY BANNED18.07.06 11:25:47 am10 Years ago-
4863KarMaCOMMUNITY BANNED20.12.08 01:42:47 am11 Years ago-
7048killprogramCOMMUNITY BANNED24.04.09 01:43:15 pm10 Years ago-
7314KinGCOMMUNITY BANNED10.05.09 10:17:33 am10 Years ago-
8510killers1soldierCOMMUNITY BANNED14.07.09 08:11:08 pm10 Years ago-
8528killers-soldierCOMMUNITY BANNED15.07.09 07:04:20 pm10 Years ago-
9711KazuyaCOMMUNITY BANNED18.09.09 09:48:28 pm10 Years ago-
16589KloudCOMMUNITY BANNED12.08.10 07:27:39 am2 Years agoRU - Russian Federation
78548konrad573COMMUNITY BANNED12.10.11 05:28:08 pm4 Years agoPL - Poland
1247KimKatGAME BANNED04.11.06 05:34:22 pm4 Years ago-
45491KaTLi2GAME BANNED24.01.11 01:02:39 pm3 Years ago-
113500Kolia_rusGAME BANNED17.01.13 10:09:17 am3 Years agoRU - Russian Federation
119091KillerWhaleGAME BANNED23.04.13 12:47:00 am--
129673KAMINMINDYKGAME BANNED06.12.13 11:43:15 am5 Years ago-
131514KakzoGAME BANNED20.01.14 01:02:01 am4 Years ago-
133373Knight10GAME BANNED06.03.14 07:02:25 pm5 Years ago-
134070KarimGAME BANNED27.03.14 01:20:29 pm3 Years ago-
135349karizma13GAME BANNED01.05.14 02:43:29 pm3 Years ago-
139553kadir100GAME BANNED31.08.14 04:38:53 pm2 Years ago-
151434KexMeowGAME BANNED19.12.15 02:27:07 pm3 Years ago-
157424KadirzHDGAME BANNED24.12.16 04:07:53 pm3 Years ago-
92Kiffer_SohnUser2003/200416 Years ago-
106kessyUser2003/200416 Years ago-
122Kiffer-OpaUser2003/20047 Years ago-
175KadoUser2003/200415 Years ago-
179KKLUser2003/200415 Years ago-
277Killing_JokeUser2003/200415 Years ago-
38149kamikaz3_94User05.12.10 01:39:52 pm--
326KifferopiUser08.11.04 02:27:52 pm15 Years ago-
348KleinUser29.11.04 12:29:16 pm15 Years ago-
472KneckebrotUser03.04.05 10:17:33 am14 Years ago-
492kifferUser02.05.05 05:11:57 pm14 Years ago-
494kingjoernderdritteUser06.05.05 11:45:33 am14 Years ago-
518koudelkaUser04.06.05 03:23:35 am14 Years ago-
581kikidaUser28.07.05 10:19:45 am--
595KiteUser07.08.05 01:16:34 pm14 Years ago-
617KongUser31.08.05 10:44:22 am--
641k.o.g.User24.09.05 02:50:00 pm2 Years agoCH - Switzerland
646KanvasuUser26.09.05 09:23:06 pm12 Years ago-
656kkactionUser01.10.05 10:17:21 pm14 Years ago-
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