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958CoolRunUser24.07.06 04:07:55 pm9 Months agoCA - Canada
889CiccioUser04.06.06 02:05:29 am--
876COREUser19.05.06 05:46:04 pm11 Years ago-
875carlosrcbUser16.05.06 03:35:18 am14 Years ago-
837CoolyUser24.03.06 05:41:44 pm11 Years ago-
821chris2712User12.03.06 11:04:23 am--
743Camper_Strike®User07.01.06 04:12:59 pm--
702Cow fifty PLUser21.11.05 01:26:59 pm--
677chmielus_menUser31.10.05 01:55:01 pm15 Years ago-
644CMLboneyardUser26.09.05 02:33:33 am15 Years ago-
591cannabizUser03.08.05 07:20:56 am15 Years ago-
578ConfectorUser24.07.05 08:35:13 pm15 Years ago-
574CoderTimmUser22.07.05 09:11:36 pm15 Years ago-
568ChaosteilUser16.07.05 03:49:51 pm14 Years ago-
557CeCiLUser02.07.05 08:20:03 pm15 Years ago-
543cs 2d freakUser21.06.05 02:05:32 pm4 Weeks agoDE - Germany
516CylonKcUser31.05.05 04:46:14 pm7 Months agoDE - Germany
502Christian EideUser19.05.05 02:58:35 pm15 Years ago-
495coolmikeUser08.05.05 03:15:57 pm15 Years ago-
490Commodore FabianusUser27.04.05 07:15:33 pm15 Years ago-
479CrosseUser12.04.05 04:21:49 pm--
446ClonkerUser21.02.05 10:55:34 pm15 Years ago-
358chillyUser09.12.04 02:55:25 pm16 Years ago-
268ChEsTeRUser2003/200414 Years ago-
248cyraxUser2003/200416 Years ago-
205CONANUser2003/200416 Years ago-
123CyberwormUser2003/200415 Years ago-
109ChrischanUser2003/200416 Years ago-
67Camper4User2003/200416 Years ago-
45ChrisUser2003/200416 Years ago-
25CamruleUser2003/200417 Years ago-
159158CarpediemHerdaimGAME BANNED07.04.17 09:54:13 pm3 Years ago-
158840Cowboy1390GAME BANNED18.03.17 06:31:35 pm3 Years ago-
158781comeandgetmeGAME BANNED12.03.17 04:44:45 pm3 Years ago-
153147Chronic-GAME BANNED09.03.16 01:09:35 am4 Years agoID - Indonesia
152096cece58GAME BANNED17.01.16 03:54:13 pm2 Years ago-
151861CrewTGAME BANNED09.01.16 04:27:13 am4 Years agoCO - Colombia
151489CrepermanGAME BANNED21.12.15 09:05:30 pm--
149066cs2dtk800GAME BANNED11.08.15 03:38:22 pm5 Years ago-
148619Coffe_GAME BANNED21.07.15 09:43:30 pm2 Years ago-
141168CHILELAGAME BANNED27.10.14 08:09:45 pm3 Years ago-
131894chapeiGAME BANNED29.01.14 11:54:13 pm4 Years ago-
119848cebie001GAME BANNED10.05.13 06:23:10 am4 Years ago-
116803Cs2dTunisieGAME BANNED12.03.13 06:44:21 am5 Years agoFR - France
110210chystemcGAME BANNED29.11.12 08:04:28 pm7 Years ago-
100774CreazyshitGAME BANNED19.07.12 08:06:34 pm8 Years ago-
72073ConicGAME BANNED15.08.11 10:21:51 am5 Years ago-
62769cimbomlu_barisGAME BANNED01.06.11 09:23:37 pm8 Years ago-
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