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158559unlac67BANNED23.02.17 03:40:27 pm2 Years ago-
158248unknown_123BANNED03.02.17 05:58:47 pm3 Years ago-
155951Unknow UserBANNED25.08.16 11:12:12 am4 Years ago-
154404uzgamingtkBANNED23.05.16 04:56:12 pm--
159654uglybillBANNED17.05.17 09:48:29 am--
150286UnitBANNED15.10.15 12:39:12 am5 Years ago-
133065uberleetgioBANNED26.02.14 05:20:08 pm6 Years ago-
131384usegorBANNED16.01.14 09:53:42 pm6 Years ago-
130928UberJasonBANNED05.01.14 01:31:57 am6 Years ago-
130636UbroNigroBANNED29.12.13 04:33:02 pm6 Years agoZW - Zimbabwe
129819usgn7BANNED09.12.13 03:21:40 pm6 Years ago-
125932umutaktinBANNED03.09.13 01:49:22 pm7 Years ago-
121831uBBANNED18.06.13 02:14:40 pm7 Years agoCA - Canada
133014U S G NBANNED25.02.14 04:36:09 am6 Years ago-
110514Ulises ContreraBANNED04.12.12 03:01:25 am7 Years ago-
110277uTeXBANNED30.11.12 07:09:41 pm7 Years ago-
108563usabrazilproBANNED03.11.12 10:26:42 pm8 Years ago-
105911Userrandom111BANNED24.09.12 09:20:29 pm8 Years ago-
101464UrAnAIdiatBANNED29.07.12 02:44:35 am8 Years ago-
86315useufukBANNED13.01.12 04:14:45 pm7 Years ago-
83640ubmasterrBANNED08.12.11 09:00:35 pm7 Years agoTR - Turkey
74577UBMasterBANNED05.09.11 11:44:35 am7 Years agoTR - Turkey
71677usfan1000BANNED12.08.11 12:19:47 am--
62896user2011BANNED03.06.11 05:36:48 am9 Years ago-
59575user 1991BANNED05.05.11 03:46:50 pm--
57005user1993BANNED14.04.11 08:16:30 pm9 Years ago-
57001USER2024BANNED14.04.11 08:00:03 pm--
48606unknownnationBANNED11.02.11 11:18:06 pm9 Years ago-
43669Unnamed404BANNED11.01.11 03:54:54 pm7 Years ago-
38294ucozBANNED06.12.10 01:12:25 pm9 Years agoTR - Turkey
16610Ultr4killerBANNED12.08.10 01:34:54 pm10 Years ago-
15149Ultimate programmerBANNED08.06.10 12:58:26 pm8 Years agoDE - Germany
2774uPraTe6BANNED09.02.08 05:37:38 pm12 Years ago-
307UltraXBANNED2003/20048 Years agoES - Spain
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