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30.01.17 07:12:23 am
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Hello. name's @user hope you remember 4D: im here to show u my latest map
that i learn scriptin today and its been 3 years since i play and
visit cs2d xD. anyway

INFO 9/7/17
- Updates check inside archive

Story = -
Spoiler >

Spoiler >

This map is made it of 2 weeks, it have lots of bugs before
i fixed them all btw

Bugs? PM me pls!

Ey guys before playing the map make sure "mp_lua" is 1
√ Extract using your Zip Extractor. "Virus Free!"

Enjoyed my map? Try another
zp_finalDeath2_v6 and <v7 HD>

Don't forget to leave a like √

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21.07.17 07:43:00 am
user Oy blin: i added some time limit to not portal spammers.(its a trick when you actually spam to kill zombies easily.
v2 will be on july 28th. i fixed some bugs and re-balance. .thx for liking btw. i've been working on sequel on august. Escape from Xen Planet

user iydrs: its an old version. sry. i deleted it now
07.04.17 09:20:08 am
like I like it!
Oy blin
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Pretty nicely done.
One thing that bothers me is, when i went to portal to buy some ammo, portal shuts down and i was stranded there and died because of env_hurt , and when i respawned, was respawned there in that verry same room, kept dying all the time... Can you fix that? I'd suggest to prevent that use either other spawn for players, or setpos out of that room moments before env_hurt activate (altho i dont see why you put env_hurt there in first place)
06.04.17 09:50:23 pm
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.exe ???
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01.02.17 09:49:33 am
@user Borealis: @user mimafan:
I apologize for you all from now on I will do this every i make map
31.01.17 08:03:52 pm
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@user hope you remember 4D: You uploaded the map in a wrong format, that's the problem. Keep in mind CS2D accepts maps as .map type, everything else is frowned upon. Any sort of extractors or the like don't make sense because you already extract files to the CS2D folder since they're labeled under sub-folders such as maps, gfx, etc.
31.01.17 10:06:31 am
@user mimafan: "here it is.exe" extract it. i invented it for virus free.

@user Yates: what's wrong why you declined my post?
30.01.17 11:07:45 am
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Why .exe file? The standard format for maps is .map.
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