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15.05.18 07:35:30 pm
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It's pretty straight forward, this is a sound pack that replaces all ((Shooty McShooter)) sounds and explosions to resemble those of real life counterparts.

Reloads are realistic and should sound like the real deal, optimized for cs2d play (Some sound stupid with insanely quick reloads)
Bolts for bolt actions, open bolts like mac10 sound like open bolts and reload like them, m249 has its own belt reload sound etc..

Replaces all weapon sounds but melee, mines and portal gun sounds.

You are free to edit and reupload this pack anywhere.

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1 comment
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15.05.18 08:53:57 pm
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Very good but differents songs is strange... or it's realist (examples: awp, RPG launcher)
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