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12.12.18 05:54:57 am
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Into Time Traveling Games on Android? Get the Best Ones from Our Store

The famous game Life Is Strange that made a big hit on PC and console now is available on Android devices. Download it on our app store and try it out now!

Life is Strange is a superhero game; however, it’s not in action genre. Despite not having too many epic fight scenes, it will leave players with strong impression on the philosophical lessons it brings.

The mobile version of Life is Strange has been introduced by Square Enix for quite some time, and the iOS version has been on the market for a year. Finally, Android users can now have the privilege of playing this game and it has satisfied a lot of fanboys of this stunning title.


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As you may guess, Life Is Strange Android version is not much different from its counterpart on PC and Console. Still a Telltale-style game, Life Is Strange aims to provide its users a cinematic experience. The game offers three on-screen control styles which you can change in game settings. It’s very likely that a large number of player have already played this game on PC or Console.If you are one of them, you must be familiar with the story-based gameplay, which requires you to interact with other NPC and explore your surrounding.

The plot of Life is Strange includes 5 interconnected sequences of certain events and is dynamically changed based on the decisions the player makes throughout the game's storyline. At the same time, you can take advantage of the ability to "push back time" to change the past, present as well as the future of the characters.

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The player will play the character of Max Caulfield, a young photographer who discovers the the ability to go back in time, and with that she tries to save her best friend, Chloe Price. By finding certain clues, deciphering different puzzles, you will have to make some important decisions to change the past. Obviously, those decisions will change the the storyline throughout the game, so think carefully before making a move.

Although this is the mobile version, the graphics of the game is built slightly better than the original PC / Console, in addition, it fits the mobile interface perfectly. Certain factors have also been adjusted to optimize as well as help players to experience the game most comfortably.

Now you may be asking: ”This game seems to demand a high graphics processing power, can I play it on my two-year phone ?” The answer is … very likely. Although two years seema long time considering the fast-paced development of f smartphones, some of the high-end devices are still capable of running this game. What Square Enix recommend is Android 6.0 or later, 2GB of RAM and that’s it! If you have a device with an old CPU and less RAM, you might be able to run the game despite some frame drops and bugs.


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Without further ado, go to our store and grab this outstanding game to test out on your device!
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Are your drivers, specially graphics card drivers, all updated?
12.12.18 08:13:43 pm
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