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04.01.19 07:56:49 pm
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Hello guys, this is Oops321.

I was working on the map called o_[Puzzle Map]-Street_Puzzle for a long time.
and.. apparently, reach limitation of entities amounts. ( 10k )

I decided to continue the map after the update, DC fixed it so.

- so until waiting for the next version, I want to see how many people can solve these portal chambers, I never seen people solved this when I opened the public server for test entire level.
> This is preview image for the entire portal level, rest levels are removed for reducing the size of a file.


There are 9 portal chambers, the colour of text/number represents difficulty.

> Green - Easy
> Yellow - Normal
> Red - Hard

If you can't really solve the hard levels, there are alternative ways.

Those arrows direct breakable walls. but only in level 7 and 8.

• Timer features >

• Fizzler >


I know that there is File Archive however it's for test difficulty of the map and it's not the full version.

Please post image how much time did you took for reach to the goal or some feedbacks would be nice.

criticisms are always welcome

>Best record >
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