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10.02.08 01:52:09 pm
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There are some questions about the adventure that turn up again and again. If you are stuck in the campaign, please read this before you ask your question in the "Newbie Questions Thread". This is, so to speak, a "selective walkthrough". So note that this reveals some stuff about the campaign (though I've tried to reduce that). Don't read further than to the point where you are. Assuming you like to be surprised.

Island no. 1
• "Well, here I am on Island 1. What am I supposed to do?"
Read what the character writes into his diary. It's helpful stuff. Apart from that: just advance through the "tech tree". Try to craft all kinds of tools and buildings that are possible. You will get new objectives at a certain point.

Island no. 2
• "What does all that stupid babbling in the message-in-a-bottle mean?"
This is what's generally called an "optional quest". If you'd like to find out what awaits you if you follow the instructions, think carefully what they could mean. Otherwise: just do what the other objectives tell you to do.
• "What do I have to do after I've found the message of the pirate?"
Well, it said something about a teleport stone, didn't it?
Search for it. "Use" any suspicious-looking stone that you find (by pressing E).
• "What are 'children of the sea'?"
Think primitive. It's not that complicated a metaphor.

Island no. 3
• "I'm dying all the time! How am I supposed to solute this mission? I'm frustrated, help me."
Yes, this part of the campaign is really quite hard. No doubt about that. But there is a spot where you can pick up some hunting equipment that will make it easier. Moreover, note the following rules (that basically count for all fights against land predators):
1. Save often
2. Use the protection that is offered by high objects such as rocks or by water.
3. If you are on a plain, at least run backwards while defending yourself (no matter if with meelee or ranged weapons).
4. If you can't take several of the predators at once, try to fight them off one after another.
• "I have all the stuff that I was told to collect! What to do now?"
What does it say in the diary?

Island no. 4
• "What am I supposed to do here?"
Explore the island. You'll meet characters that you can interact with. You'll only be able to win with their help.
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