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I do not own this script. Original files here:

∗ Bug fixes ∗
1. Player can shoot behind a wall and hurt monsters. √

2. Player can access menu if he/she is dead. √

3. Player equips the same weapon that give the same weapon type will receive a knife(Ex: A player that has a crossbow equipped equip another crossbow will receive a Scout and a Knife) √

4. Higher level players take more damage from other players. √

5. Same weapon type when player hits monster (when a player hit a monster with a flamethrower it counted as weapon type 50 (knife) and flamethrower damage supposed to be 5 times weaker than a knife) √

6. Brother quest fixed money bug. √

7. Colorsmoke effect when player or monster hit. √

8. Equipping items heals player back to max hp. √

9. Equipping weapons gives a knife. √

10. Equipping items doesn't change speed. √

> Thanks to Textual Context (ketamire) for distance calculation helps.

1. Download and install the full version first.
2. Download this and replace all files in cs2dtibia lua folder.

04/06/2013 - Equipping items now changes speed.
04/06/2013 - Equipping weapons gives a knife.
04/03/2013 - Equipping items heals player back to max hp bug fix.
04/03/2013 - Colorsmoke effect when player or monster hit bug fix.
02/12/2012 - Brother quest money bug fix.
02/11/2012 - Equip function updated bug fix.
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21 kb, 1,945 Downloads


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I really like and appreciate KenVo's Work. Did you ever saw his creations? If you didn`t they are really awesome. And he is trying to help anyone when he can.

This guy is really awesome.
My respects for:
user KenVo
user Alistaire
user Apache uwu
user Infinite Rain
They are some really cool scripters!
And they are some really cool skinners:
user Yates
user CY
And others..

But those are the ones that really Appreciate what they do for us.

Have fun
I like it!
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Nice KenVo..but there is too another bug of god mode i don't remember how the bug occurs :/.
anyways 5/5

It will not work because a person cannot access menu if he/she is dead.
I like it!


Black Wolf
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Great KenVo!
I like it!


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I rejoiced the day today
I like it!

old Lil upset

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I like it, but really? Lol 1 day after mine came out. I hope you added or atleast took the coding from my hooks file to keep people from equiping items while in spectator mode. Good job.
I like it!


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wo finaly version?
I like it!


Infinite Rain
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Finally tibia edit that worth like
I like it!


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sweet thxs man
I like it!
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