vm Stranded II

Face the fight for survival again! However this time there is much more to discover and to explore compared to the prequel.

The whole island world is now better designed and has more details. It's possible to tame or poison animals or to burn trees for example.

Far more than 100 different items want to be found, used, combined, eaten or used in construction. Many new buildings allow you to build a powerful camp which offers protection and unexpected comfort.

There is now a real adventure that spans several islands and is driven by tasks, diary entries and interaction with other islanders.

Of course there are also additional individual missions. For example an island where you can play tower defense, a raptor hunting island or a mysterious color game.

That's not enough for you? Take a look at the editor and create your own islands. A clever scripting system offers nearly unlimited options. Objects can be changed with definitions and scripts as well. It's even possible to add completely new objects and thus change the entire game.


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V, 12.03.2008
The main menu of Stranded IIThe main menu againOne of the islandsFirearrows can set the environment on fire



Pädi seal of quality 2007, pedagogically valuable
Project of the year 2007 at BlitzForum.de
On DVD of magazine "Computer Bild Spiele"
On DVD of magazine "c't"