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Mr Muffin
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Hi all,

Hey guys (and UnrealSoftware), long time no see ehj!

So I've made this capture the flag map backlot. (I had no inspiration for the name...)

Its a ctf map (I do not own the title), i know...again...
But I want to play it on my favourite server: UNLIMITED CONSTRUCTION (but it's down... )

Objectives: TT: must capture the CT's flag and defend theirs
CT: must capture the TT's flag and defend theirs

Watch out, there are secrets on this map...shhh!

Play this in team deathmatch...lots of fun guaranteed!

Play this in zombies! Don't try to die...

Play it in construction (RECOMMENDED!) build and try to capture flags.
Tiles from Misho's Minecraft 2
I know, its Minecraft tiles...but I love them!
I own my map, cause I've made it

You can
√ Play and have fun on it
√ Tell your friends

You cant
× Claim map as yours
× Copy (and of course paste....)
× Edit withouth my permission
× Use withouth my permisson

(you must download and leave comment)
Please do not hate, I tried my best...3 hours of work doing it.

Plz download the map and check it out for yourself before commenting.

Sorry Frizzy, it's non-symmetrical...
Next map will be symmetrical escpecially for you

Anyone has ideas for my new map tell me, also complains about the map, post them!

You can check our screenshot, if you wish to?

Many greetings Mr Muffin ( cookie )

Have fun playing on my map!
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3 kb, 328 Downloads


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Nice map!
One problem:
Maybe you shud put shadows
I like it!


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user MAX-russia dont be so mean please its his(her) 5º file
I like it!


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good job, but its BORRRING


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Good map, but... change tileset. For me, it's boring
I like it!


Mr Muffin
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Then what's wrong with it?


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First comment!Sorry,bad map.
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