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27.02.12 05:29:21 pm
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Here i'm serving my rp map for u!

It has:
• TT, CT spawn in different locations
• 5 houses
• 1 work place
• 3 shops
• Swimming Pool
• Bank
• Park
• Admin House
• Drag Race! (just u need a car lua ^_^)
• Fighting Club!

I hope u will like it

√ U can use it
√ U can modify it
× U can't tell others it's urs!

∗ If u like it, vote/comment.
× If u don't, just leave me alone haters
x This file has been reviewed and declined by GeoB99 (04.09.17 08:06:13 pm)
The quality of the file is too low! Please invest more time and only upload stuff which is actually good. Do not upload your first "5 minute"-attempts. Sorry, but nobody wants to see and download stuff like that!


1 comment
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28.02.12 01:19:57 pm
like I like it!
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wow,nice! and big map
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