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Minor fix, only npcs.lua is modified from previous version.
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No need to update if you do not need these additions, as you may have to modify your additions to fit this version.

Also, I'm sincerely sorry to DC as people have been creating threads in the forum in the wrong section etc.

Forum post:

It's just a simple RPG-like game. Too many features, so I'll just name the few ones that make the script unique.

∗ NPC system, very similar to the one in Tibia. It allows buying and selling of items, quests and stuff.

∗ Monster system, featuring Pokemon. (I can't find pictures, so my friend recommended me a Pikachu, and I ended up with all my monsters being pokemons.) The attacking of monsters is very hacky, as I couldn't find a way to see if the player is attacking monsters. I ended up looping through all the monsters and using a bit of trigo to calculate if they are hitting them.

∗ Leveling & money system. Players can gain experience and money. The amout of money & experience you have is shown in the lower right hand corner of your screen.

∗ Items system. You can drop & collect items, drop & collect money. Trading was implemented, but removed. I might re-add it if I find the need to.

∗ Inventory & Equipment system. The system is simple, F2 to access your inventory and F3 to access equipment. Simple items like runes & food.

∗ Simple weather & time system. Just 24 hours a day, with the radar showing the clock & an item used to check time. (the clock can be seen in screenshots)

∗ House system. Based on Tibia's housing system, you can rent a house for some money, and the house will expire after 24 hours. You can also extend the duration of rent by paying extra.

∗ Saving system, based on U.S.G.N. id. Saves characters, map items, house information, current weather & time, etc.

You MUST run this script on a dedicated server. "join" hook does not work on listen servers. (ignore this, fixed in CS2D

For those who are complaining that this is not Tibia,
It's called CS2DTibia because it is a base script for making Tibia-like RPGs. The Pokemon version is just an example of what it can look like if made properly.

If I do not call it Tibia, people will start to complain that many elements of the game were stolen from Tibia.

Incomplete RPG script I made.
Still usable, though.
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364 kb, 22,026 Downloads


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Cure Pikachu
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Or weiwen is too lazy to get tibia stuff.
Nice though.
I like it!


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TKD: may be its Poketibia
I like it!


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I am not fond of RPGs... but this is cool!
I like it!


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What is the pokeball doing there?
Edit: WTF there are pokemons... what are pokemons doing in tibia?
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