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15.06.12 11:27:33 pm
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This script contains several commands for the administrator to download say you will like it has many
commands. Excuse me because it has no menu script that I have not learned to put only the menu has commands for downloading more say you like it too! You also say administrator. You look for the commands to open the CS2D and create your server and enter: @admin.help has more commands for you guys to open the script and look at all the commands. Good game! Contact: higor555

Owners of script: Lucas_SWAT5 and HigorZinho_xD us 2 we registered in website of Unreal Software.

Blogspot: http://cs2ddownloads.blogspot.com.br/
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16.06.12 08:44:48 am
Only total noobs puts "XD" at the title of their files.
16.06.12 08:20:52 am
Brainless Solutions
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Err.. you forgot return 1..
Now everybody see what you wrote.
15.06.12 11:46:12 pm
Download this script you will like it I'm sure this script has many commands look the commands that it has:
@dispenser.money.max, @dispenser.money.min,@sv name,@rcon.by.admin.Twer,@rcon.by.admin.Higor, @name.by.admin.Twer,@name.by.admin.Higor,@shake,
@slap,@speed.ID.max,@health.ID.max, @kickall,@sv jason,@sv awp,@sv pool,@sv happy,@sv prison,@sv
prison clan,@sv death 1,@sv death 2,@admin on,@admin on 2,@admin on 3 ,@spawn @item name EX: @super.
Some of these maps have not you soon I'll post the maps on the website of unrealsoftware give commands @ sv prison,@sv awp,@sv happy going to work. Thank you for downloading Enjoy
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15.06.12 11:45:56 pm
like I like it!
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ok nice i no download it bcause no screen shot for screen shots press f5 and for see screen shots just open cs2d folder/ screen.

nice good work i wait for see it i am impatien
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