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21.07.12 12:02:20 am
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Some people knew my server, some not. I don't care about them. Now here's the Lua. It has got nearly everything what an administrative Lua Script needs.

This script is used by "@" commands, not through a menu.

> You can open the help ingame by writing @help 1 and @help 2.
> Teleportation is usable with F4. It teleports you to your Mouse Targeted Position.
> F3 will open a hat menu.
> F2 will open a Menu for Member, Mod, GM & Admin.
> AntiKillArea is contained. Starts working by adding coordinates to it.

Updates >

Editing the AntiKillArea >

Changing the rank colors >

I won't continue the script. There will be no further updates.
I allow you to edit this script for your own use only.
If you want to reupload a modified version of this script, send me a pm and put me into the credits.

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21.07.12 05:32:05 am
like I like it!
Apache uwu
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@user dns: Actually one of the few scripts that include a usage within the menu.

A quick scan reveals that it's customizable and readable.

Very nice.
21.07.12 02:26:56 am
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Nice, but nothing new.
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