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*NEW* DOWNLOAD LINK for V3: (UPDATED 22/10/2016) https://www.dropbox.com/sh/if9a1nv3il2tg8x/AACsOovRi2YGIiHbrXwRR7THa?dl=0
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Instructions: When your download is complete, simply right-click 'extract' on the zip file and choose the location for your folder. (if it gives you the option)

NZM2D is...
•A completely modified version of CS2D.
•A remake of Nazi Zombies from Call of Duty 5 + 7.
•A game where you buy weapons off the wall + open doors to survive as long as you can with money you earn from killing Zombies.
Reactant - many of the tiles
Rambo-Fox (now known as majeteka) - many of the skins
Terrorized666 - nzm_nacht der untoten 666 1.1 + all the Nazi zombie Sounds
Robed2 - nzm_office + nzm_complex
Ninja_Assasin - The 'Raygun' skin
-InF-MaSoN - skins (e.g: the AUG)
If your name was not included and yet you did something that is in this mod, say so in the comments. There are also many random sprites that I did not use, but they are still in 'gfx' folder.
You start in the first room. You must press use (default key 'E') on any of the gun drawings on the wall, once you have the correct amount of money for it. The more the weapon costs, the better the gun is. You also press 'use' (default key 'E') on door switches, to unlock new rooms which will have better guns and possibly a random box. A random box is used by also pressing USE, (default key 'E')but it is a gamble. It costs 950 (on most maps) and you have no idea what you might be getting. It may be a Kar98k worth 200 points, or it might be the Raygun, worth about 20000 points. In a few maps there are perks, use them (they are the lit-up machines) to have an advantage on a normal survivor. EG: QuickRevive gives you 180-250 max health limit, whereas Juggernaut gives you Armour, and speedcola makes you faster. You kill Zombies to get points (may vary from 90-110 per kill).
>purchasable weapons on the walls (see gun drawings)
>Openable doors
>Random boxes -gives player a random weapon
>operatable turrets
>Many maps
>The template script for NZM (in sys,lua,samples)
>high quality GFX + SFX
>Regeneratable health
:∗:And of course, the rest of the features are for you to find out! (Or me to have forgotten)
:x:currently none, If anyone is willing to put up a dedicated server or even host a normal server, I'd be more than happy to put you on the team.
Copy + Paste into address bar above.
NZM2D V1.0: http://www.mediafire.com/?cq4wddmv2mjd3yy
NZM2D V1.1: http://www.mediafire.com/?d3069ip0lxk781c
NZM2D V3: http://www.speedyshare.com/fAmJN/CS2D-NZM-MOD-V3.zip
>V3 ChangeLog:
-New Sounds
-new skins
-nzm_nachtderuntoten666 included in actual download link.
-Rounds added to more maps
-Infinite ammo has been turned OFF. You must constantly buy wall guns/ammo to survive.
-Added MapCycle
-Lighting is now in most maps
-Added a tutorial on how to make your own map
-Changed various bot names...
-Added menu gfx
-Added menu sounds
-changed font
-New splash
-Changed map names
-Ate a cookie.
-Added: Map: Grey - and Map: ARCADE_Der Reise
-Updated: Office - and: Complex


Made by Fizzykil.
Have fun!
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02.08.12 06:11:40 am
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@user Fiz: Are you the one responsible for the zombie server of version 1.1.9 came out 7 weeks before v1.2.0 was released. If you were please run that server again, it was fun and quite a big hit.

[personal note] I like the life story, makes the person seem more appealing (Thats just my opinion) [/personal note]
01.08.12 10:27:31 pm
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@hobo, you don't have to read it.
01.08.12 10:10:42 pm
like I like it!
Happy Killer
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user hobo man445 Because.
On-topic: Nice, I really luv your mod
01.08.12 09:03:26 pm
hobo man445
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why do you tell us your life story ? ...
01.08.12 08:51:37 pm
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Nah, I don't really like it.
01.08.12 08:41:39 pm
like I like it!
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Nice work
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