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29.10.12 01:34:15 am
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Hello people, today I bring you my first skin, is a HK416 for the game Medal of Honor Warfigther , it was difficult to do, it took me four hours to know what color he used and what can be improved.
Well, anyway, I hope you have fun playing with this skin, in the future will improve a little skin.
If I have 10 like, makes the game a shotgun Medal Of Honor Warfighter.
No insult as it is my first skin, and not into the links of the tutorials to make skins because I read and try to make a skin well.
And do not say that it lacks details that I know.

What's new?:
New magazine from the weapon
New Sounds

PS: Sorry for not putting image of death when you kill someone with the gun.

If you have a problem, send me a MP
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x This file has been reviewed and declined by GeoB99 (10.04.16 08:04:14 pm)
The quality of the file is too low! Please invest more time and only upload stuff which is actually good. Do not upload your first "5 minute"-attempts. Sorry, but nobody wants to see and download stuff like that!


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29.10.12 02:21:30 am
like I like it!
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awesome skin ofmedal of honor LOL not bad
29.10.12 01:36:39 am
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Clip looks ghey.
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