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old Tibia Edition Nick

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Hi, I'm making a Tibia map with some new features, and trying my best to use the features that exist to their full extent (as, balancing, making many items, a longer game, more places)

∗ Credits:
∗ Weiwen(Tibia original script)
∗ Proerd888(Tibia edition script)
∗ Nick(Tibia re-edition script)
∗ Wotan(For the anti speed hack the server uses)

∗ Features:
√ Bug free(No dmg bug, speed bug, wall bug, health bug, nan bug, and others) (done)
√ 300 items(so far)
√ Balanced items/monsters(done)
√ Balanced xp winning(done)
√ Lots of Monsters (done, 20 bosses)
√ 18 Sets of items(done)
√ Lots of accesories/rings (A slot commonly unused in tibias)
√ The food and mana potions works like runes(you can hold it) so you can use it easily!
√ Higher lvl monsters have higher speed, meaning you must have higher lvl higher speed giving items to kill them!(done)
√ All bosses have skills, making them even harder to kill!(done)
√ Lots of houses(done)
√ 5 cities(done)
√ 3 shop areas with lots of shops(done)
√ Some monsters can walk through water, don't always think you can stand in it and shoot them!(done)
√ Monster restart script every 60 minutes which kills all monsters so low lvl monsters never run out!(done)
√ Unique SPELL sistem. The spell sistem works with 4 new slots, for each elemental magic (wind, fire, earth and water). There will be different spells for each element with different levels, mana is healed with time and with potions.(done)
√ The spells, once equipped, can be used in 3 ways, the first, choosing cats in item menu, the second, saying !elementspell such as in !waterspell, or binding it to a key (say bind "key" "say !elementspell" in console to bind, such as in
bind "H" "say !earthspell" to use earth spells with H) which is the best way.
Health Bars above players, telling you other players remaining heatlh!(done)
√ Spell bar: Spell bar with 4 slots, one for each kind of magic, in screenshots you can see the 2 equipped spells with it's plain blue and brown colors covering the slots in the spell bar.

I have finally finished version 1.0(which means map is completed) but i will probably keep updating it with new features.

Please do/ do not:
× Steal credit from me or any other maker of this script
× Erase the credit space in the middle of the map that says tibia nick edition, weiwen, proerd888 and unreal.
× Change the map name
√ Edit this tibia(real edit, not just one or two things) and keep the credits it has.
√ Host this server without changing credits/map.
Any suggestions\bugs\help is very apreaccited.

I have finished the map with this update. Added atack info script which tells you how much damage you deal to a monster, how much hp it has left and the monsters name when you hit him, the hud txt dissappears after 3.5 secs. Fixed a few bugs. Added 20th boss and final set(legend set).

I updated today, finished 5th city, fixed some bugs, added 6 new spells(2 passive, 2 active bonus and 2 atacking spells). Also uploaded a whole map image to the images(i had o pixelate it X2 for it to go under 1mb)

Hi there! I´m back after about 2 years. I´ve seen many people had bugs with the map, so i downloaded cs2d and this map to try it out, fixed the couple or errors it had which were really small, and now it´s playable. Also fixed the help command which gives a list of all commands, added the !save command in case there is any error with saving, and so people can save after achieving something. Please, if you happen to find out any other bugs or errors with the map, or have specific suggestions, or you would like to continue the map and need some help, don´t hesitate to ask me through MP or whatever, but please try and be as clear as possible!
Adding mediafire mirror for download:

Hi! In this lastest update called 2015c i fixed the mana potions which weren´t working properly, and improved the mana system: Now every 5 levels you get 1 extra maximum mana point and you regen 10% of your max mana per minute instead of the 10 mana per minute from before. Improved the save command, improved the monstereset function and also added admin command !m to perform a monster reset. I also added the speedhack by wotan i found in the archive, because i realized people could use speedhack in the map, and wotan´s doesn´t interfere with speed changes done by the items.

Fixed the removal of the dmg txt. Added itemclear every 30 mins, and admin command !r to remove items, but not from houses. Added the images that were missing in gfx/weiwen (had to make them).

2015 e. Fixed a bug with antispeedhack that messed up the spawn hook and the second hook. Made the images for all spells but 1. Edited the map, as it was requested in a comment i added mafia man to the credits (althougth i don´t even remember if i had used his edit or why i hadn´t written his name, its been 2 years since i made the map). Moved the healing fountain to main city, changed respawn place. Made a clearitem system which is off by default, can be turned on in hooks.lua and it can be told to be every X minutes(doesn´t erase items in houses). Moved the fairy area above the ice area which looks better, made the stone boss an individual area. Reworked some obstacles along the map. Moved the stable next to the city. Made a new spell earth vitality which increases max health. Nerfed wood boss and fixed his zone(there were too many obstacles). Mana regeneration of 5% of max mana now works 100%. Added the lvl needed for the sets each shop sells below them. On the future i would like to add quests, so i will need to edit the map once more to do that. But i don´t have very good ideas about the quests, so please give me some! As detailed as posible, and try to think of something within my possibilities.

Spoiler >

PD: Sorry if i am posting in the wrong section, or the wrong way, it is my first post, and please, don't make any destructive critics, make constructive ones!

PD2: Sorry for my bad english, my native language is spanish.
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2.95 mb, 3,625 Downloads


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old Updated

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I just updated the lua. It works pefectly fine now, it had a few minor errors in grammar which caused 2 or 3 errors and didn´t allow the server to start. Fully functionall.


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I don't know why these people like Tibia.


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Looks very good have to test, then this map took my liked.
I like it!

old not working

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please anybody help me. i can walk to water without wings+i cant see the nyan cat or other monsters+and i cant see the new items...please help me to fix it

old READ please!!


hey, i want code too with ur scripts man.. i have advanced skills in LUA and coddering. invite a PM to me i can fix that LUA. (alredy fixed need invite for u where's error). TY!
I like it!


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Its not working... i walk into the water without wings + the others monsters like the nyan cat, and new items dosent work.. please help me


like cs2d
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LUA ERROR: sys/lua/cs2dtibia/admin.lua:1: unfinished string near '')' its problem can not be solv but i will see what i can do
I like it!

old boss

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Nice i fix it thxx
I like it!


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edited 1×, last 18.04.14 02:39:11 pm


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are you sure is this work many of tibia errors im just asking


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I have LUA ERROR: sys/lua/cs2dtibia/hooks.lua:329 attempt to index field '?' (a nil value)

It's looks like something this:
function HEALTHbarsms100()
	for _, id in ipairs(player(0, 'table')) do
		if 	PLAYERS[id].tmp.equip[3].monstermessage >= 35 then //this is the line where problem is
			hudtxt2(id,15, "", '255255255', 565, 389-CONFIG.PIXELS, 1)
			hudtxt2(id,16, "", '255255255', 565, 392-CONFIG.PIXELS, 1)
I like it!


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error script


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dont work!!! when i start, it all just looks the same, not lua inputed at all;;


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× Erase the credit space in the middle of the map that says tibia nick edition, weiwen, proerd888 and unreal.

AND Mafia man the editer of this map/script?


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Long-ass Description which wasn't read by mods. obv has written
EDIT: Now this map is hosted 24/7 thanks to with the name Nick 24/7 |Tibia Server and ip

Wher r mods? Why is advertize allow?
Useigor save us all pls

And don't you dare to ban me for pointing out stuff which mods obv didn't give a shit about


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ok i fixed it
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