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Env_Laser entity script by user MikuAuahDark

∗ Description ∗
Just like the name, it creates a laser at specific angle
Because addtional entities request are not allowed then i create this LUA

∗ Features ∗
> Laserbeam effect
> Can be triggered like another entities
> No twice analyze
> Uses cs2d lua hook ms100 NOT always
> Uses Trigger_Use

∗ How to Install ∗
Extract Env_Laser.lua at specificed folder and edit server.lua to execute Env_Laser.lua when server started

∗ Reserved Global Variables ∗
• Env_Laser
• Env_Laser_IsScanned
• Env_Laser_scan
• Env_Laser_Draw_Laser
• Env_Laser_Toggle

∗ Information ∗
Hooks: 3(cs2d lua hook ms100,cs2d lua hook triggerentity,cs2d lua hook startround)
Lines: 81

∗ How to Create Env_Laser ∗
1. Create Trigger_Use entity
2. On Trigger field enter this
Env_Laser status
Where status can be "on" or "off"(case-insensitive)
3. Env_Laser only work on specific button type. Env_Laser only work on button type Lighted_Color. So set it
4. The most important, the direction of the laser. Note that the direction is reversed(Choosing Bottom shows the laser at north). You can set this by Setting the Alignment option at entity setting
5. You can also give it name, so it can be turned on/off by map(Skip this if not needed)
6. Press OK, Save your map, and test it.

∗ Rules ∗
√ You can use it for your server
√ You can edit it
√ You can upload at another website, say user MikuAuahDark made it
× You can't say this is yours
× You can't upload on another website without put me on credits

∗ Notes ∗
1. Bugs? Feedbacks? on comments please, don't at PM
2. Many lasers can cause lags. Be careful.
3. Currently Env_Laser_desc.lua doesn't available this time. Maybe tomorrow

∗ Version History ∗
> v1.0
> >
Initial Release

∗ Another MikuAuahDark Scripts ∗
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2 kb, 510 Downloads


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Oh nice.
I like it!


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You're Indonesian Is't ?
I like it!


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I like it!


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gosh, it's like attack "Shoop Da Whoops" and skill "SilauMan"
I like it!


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I like it!
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