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old [EngiN33R] Zombie Survival Beta

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You guys waited for long enough, I think. This mod is not finished, but for those of you who want to playtest it here and now - this is for you.

I've been inspired to make this mod by the fascinating Minecraft mod pack called The Mining Dead. Similarly to that mod pack, I didn't make this mod the shoot 'em up, wave after wave deathmatch kind of mod. Instead, I went with a post-apocalyptic survival scenario, where resources are scarce and the world is harsh.

I made this mod as lightweight as possible, having active multiplayer gaming in mind. It won't be heavy on the server and it won't lag the players. And yet, despite its light weight, it's got plenty of interesting features - at least, I hope so.

This is also a mod that is highly customizable - almost every aspect of it can be changed to configure it to your liking and to make your edition unique and different from others.

More information about features is available in the forum thread.

• I chose to upload the mod early, which means that it might be unpolished in some regards. There may be bugs, including major ones. Please understand this and don't panic if you do encounter one (or a few). Instead, report to me. Try to include how you encountered the bug and how I can reproduce it, if possible.
• There is currently no way to trade items between players. This is item #1 on my to-do list.
• Player towns are not finished. The mechanisms are there, but it's not very well tested and integrated yet.
• This description is subject to change. As the mod progresses, anything here might be changed or removed.

flame Important info:
• To see your mod rank, type "!kills" into the chat.
• To open the inventory, press F2.
• To open crafting, press F3.
• The valve near the water tank on the test map replenishes your thirst; use it to refill your thirst when at base.
• If you plan on running a server, you are encouraged to run it in USGN-only mode; all players that are not logged in will share all data.

Your suggestions are most welcome. To those of you who have already made suggestions and can't see them - there are three possibilities.
• The customization tools already allow you to implement your suggestion yourself,
• I delayed their implementation until more urgent matters are dealt with,
• I forgot.

In any case, remind me gently if you must - by that I mean don't angrily write me about how much of a bastard I am for not including your suggestion(s).

The script comes with a map I quickly drew up for testing - you might have seen it featured in videos about the mod. It's designed to showcase all the mod features, so to those of you who want to try it out for themselves - feel free to muck around on it. If you are a mapper who wants to create a map for the mod - I welcome your contribution. You can drop me a note and perhaps I'll include it into the official package, along with official support when it comes to NPCs and in-game objects.

flame Known issues >

Changelog >

Administration commands >

Towns >

Customization >

Documentation >

Licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Licence
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514 kb, 1,117 Downloads


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Omg, 666 downloads!
I like it!

old How to play

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As I play this mode, I did not bring the server.lua file and I can not play it, try putting this command in my server.lua file

dofile ('sys / lua / zombies / zombies.lua')

But it gives a lot of errors and does not let you play it does not leave npcs or anything, help
I like it!


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I wan't ask. how to add this script? server? servertransfer?


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I like it!


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Ok, i realy like the mod, ive seen some reviews, but, i can´t realy play it.
Sorry but i can´t like a thing that i can´t use.



how to install??

don't like sorry
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Download and Play -->ERROR

I can't play it no messages in there!
But thanks for made it!
I like it!


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Those are lots of bloody texts on the hud and could be jelly time for me.
I like it!



good !!
I like it!


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I thought about this idea, anyway it's nice
I like it!


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@user EngiN33R: can you fix this please some lua error you go the lua error is "LUA ERROR: maps/zombies_test2.lua:1: attempt to index global 'zombies' (a nil value)"

plz comment i wan't this script
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i wish i knew how to install it
I like it!


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What to say... like.
I like it!


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you have zombie mod server [kgb2D] ???
server :
plz get in this server and give me the zombie mod


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@user KabirDuy: Sure, the mod was made with editing in mind. Just don't forget to credit me as the original creator and you're good to go.


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This is the best ZS script forever! Thx you! Oh, can i edit it's?
I like it!


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@user prosuWANTED: Yes, the bug has been fixed in the latest version. Thanks for reporting.

After the first major bugfix update comes the first major feature update! The new 0.7.2 version brings a radiation system and a salvaging system, as well as a new map made by yours truly for testing and some miscellaneous features.

> Radiation
The world is now irradiated. Every second, a certain amount of radiation (in millisieverts) is added to players, depending on their protection. Players can buy radiation suits that will reduce radiation per second, as well as certain medical treatments that will either grant protection against radiation or cleanse the body of existing radioactive materials. You may write !rads into the chat to check your current radiation levels and your millisieverts per second. Ill effects start being noticeable after about 20 to 30 mSv, depending on your stats, so be careful.

> Salvaging
The world is full of resources from another time. Players can mine for materials in certain areas of the map by attacking (left-clicking) anywhere in the area. After a certain amount of clicks, players have a chance of getting certain items that can be used in crafting or building.

> New map
I've made a new map in the spirit of the old one, but with some better graphics. I assembled the tileset from existing ones, so please let me know if I infringed anyone's copyright.
Tilesets used >

> Other features
• A second default monster has been added. It has the image of the headcrab, has high speed but very low health and damage and drops Irradiated Meat.
• When selecting items in your inventory, a menu will be displayed that prompts further action - at the moment, you can use the item, put it into quick use (F4 to quick use) and put it into a chest.
• If you must go away from keyboard and don't want to die because of losing stats, you may now write !afk into the chat to go into AFK mode. To get out of AFK mode, simply move or attack.

WARNING: Older save files are incompatible with this version! Because of the addition of new player values, old save files are incompatible with this update and will cause errors unless removed or edited. If you do not want to wipe existing save files, you will need to edit them. If you choose to edit them, you will need to insert "0," (without quotes) after the fifth number value and after the last number value.

> In the next update:
• A way to give items to other players, maybe also a way to trade.
• A proper save file format that won't have you worrying about wipes every update
• New monster behaviours (monsters attacking monsters)
• And a little something special...

I might come up with more things along the way, so don't consider this list complete!
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