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06.06.15 07:02:37 pm
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> Development environment: PHP Devel Studio 3.0
> The archive includes source code.

> Version: (fixed)

Now you have everything at your fingertips! Script Editor, select the color, add links, list items, and more.

I tried to gather everything you need in one place for easy reference.

∗ Features:
• The choice of color , the addition of references
• Own Script Editor
• Syntax (PHP, JScript, Cpp, General.. Lua not found, sorry )
• Multi - size
• The tool for finding the coordinates of the cursor
• Quickly find the information on sites in one click (Fast Search v1.0)
• Creation of different files (lua, cfg, txt and other unique extension)
• Start dedicated server and game directly from the program window
• Delete, move files
• Ability to edit the code using a different script editor
• List Item IDs in program
• Quick access to the help of the game and creating scripts
• Simple LuaHelper v1.0
• And more, more, more!

* To move or delete a file, you must right-click on the file list on the left.

It may be useful to you.

∗ Setting up:

Spoiler >

∗ List errors:
Spoiler >

∗ Changelog (fixed)
CHANGED Remade tool "Getting Cursor X&Y"
Now you can set your window size (default 640x480), turn on the grid, select the cursor and adjust the color of the window. It is very convenient for such functions as "hudtxt2".
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06.06.15 08:05:13 pm
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I scanned it, with my Kasperksy Internet Security. It says that there's nothing dangerous.
06.06.15 08:01:36 pm
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That's weird for me too. I checked the executable file and seems the Virustotal detected 12 detections. Maybe it would be a false positives but I'm not sure.

Are you sure that you didn't coded maliciously on this .exe file?
06.06.15 08:01:02 pm
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@user Hajt: I think there isn't any virus, because Kaspersky says that everything is OK. Btw: Kaspersky is the best Anti-Virus
06.06.15 07:20:22 pm
like I like it!
Talented Doge
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Gonna upload it to Virustotal for a scan report.
Anyways I think it's good and deserves like unless it's virus.

Something to say about this file:
•Plugin should be changed to Lua Script(s)
•You should add Hud Position function, in which it helps you to find X and Y on screen.
•You may ignore this suggestion, I suggest you to add Open file with other file editors for lua scripts edit.
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